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The House Renovation Project – Week 4 Update

We are now nearing the end of 4 weeks into The House Renovation Project and I thought you’d better have an update. If you’ve been following, you’ll know we are creating a downstairs open-plan living space that will be part of the original house and part new extension. We’ll also be going upwards and converting the loft, so give us the family home we desire.

4 weeks in and there’s been a helluva lot of progress…Continue reading

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Open Plan Living Design Inspiration

I’ve been bogged down with building regulations, structural surveys and budget spreadsheets this last few weeks, rather than having fun thinking about our interior design inspirations. So I’m going to close-down my spreadsheet and get to the fun stuff…

The driving force of our home renovation #TheHouseProject, was to give us an open plan living space, where we’d spend 80% of our time as a family, living, eating, playing, entertaining, relaxing. That’s what we aim to create.

Our floorplan will have a kitchen with centre island, that looks over a dining space and a lounge space, that in turn look out onto our garden (with access through 6m bifold doors). The whole place will be open plan…no walls.Continue reading