As we are nearing the final stretch of our home renovation, I thought it’d be a good time for a brief video house project update…

House Renovation Project Update

It feels like everything’s slowed-down a bit over this last few weeks, as there’s been less builders on site and the decorating side of things just isn’t as quick as the structural changes of previous weeks.

For the first 10-12 weeks, everything moved so quickly and there were changes every time we went to site, so it was instantly gratifying. But the last few weeks it feels like nothing is changing, though we know it is, slowly and our builders are working very very hard. 

The things that have dragged the project over its completion date have been:

  • Cornice – we wanted to keep the original, but it didn’t survive the build. Our builders thought they could repair it, but it just didn’t work and they ended up having to cut out the cornice, after they’d plastered the walls. This meant that we suddenly had to find budget for brand new cornice, which was a very specific size and that it was all done a bit backwards (ie, after we’d painted one of the rooms!). But we’re getting there and it’ll look good in the end, just frustrating and a hit to our now non-existent budget!
  • Tiling – this is far more time-consuming than we had anticipated and has taken a good few days longer than we’d hoped for. It’s just about complete now.
  • Decorating – we are doing the majority of the interior painting ourselves, but we wanted the kitchen and new extension to be painted by a professional, so that it looked perfect ready for us to move in. We thought it’d be a couple of days’ work, but it’s been more like 4!

Aside from that, everything is going smoothly and we haven’t been pressured to move in just yet, but we’re ready to!

How are your renovation projects going?