Brewski Chorlton – A Review

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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get along and try out Brewski Chorlton! It’s a travesty, I know! As a foodie in Manchester, I’m totally spoiled with a plethora of amazing places to eat and experience exciting food, but when a new place opens in my local area of Chorlton, I’m literally chomping-at-the-bit to try it. So although it’s taken me a few months, I eventually headed to Brewski with my hubby and daughter in tow, last week.

Was I disappointed? Read on to find out…

Brewski Chorlton – What we ate

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So, I did the obligatory check-out of the menu online before we went for lunch on a Saturday and was excited to see a small but well appointed menu with a mixture of crowd-pleasers and something a bit different. But most importantly, Brewski Chorlton serve poutine! A French-Canadian dish originating in Montreal I believe and something I’ve only ever been able to eat in Canada itself. (I remember coming home from a trip ten years ago talking about chips smothered in cheese curds and lashings of gravy and my London friends turned their noses up – I should’ve known then I was more suited to the North!).

We were starving and had skipped breakfast especially for our trip and went for a lunch bang on midday – there were already a few people in, but we had the pick of the place.

I like the simple, wooden fit-out of Brewski and our daughter loved the Canadian bear who greets you on entry. The place is perfectly casual with plenty of seating and a nice bar area. There’s been attention to detail in the design, but Brewski Chorlton haven’t gone for that over-the-top-hipster-look of the moment, we were pleased to see.

Then heads straight in to devour the menu…what to have…

I was instantly drawn to their gourmet pizza menu – which comes either as a 20 inch pizza or is served by the slice. There were too many things I wanted to try on the menu, so I opted for just a slice of their No. 5 – Wild Boar, Wild Mushroom, Chilli, Truffle Oil & Watercress on a Cream base.

Blimmin’ ‘eck it was delicious! All the ingredients were perfectly suited to each other and I am a fan of a non-tomato, creamy base! I loved that it was a rectangle slice, so easier to devour and the crust, for me, was perfection!

Incidentally – this is the portion that the kids have when you choose a pizza from Brewski’s kids menu – except theirs is Margarita – perfect size!

Alongside my pizza, I went for Poutine…obvs. I was so torn and really wanted to try something a bit different, like their Poutine with soft shell crab or buttermilk njuda fried chicken. BUT, I wanted the simplicity and perfection that is their No. 1 The Original Poutine. And I wasn’t upset with my choice at all – a very decent size portion and plenty of cheese curds and beef gravy! Delish.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, I thought I may as well try something a little, you know, lighter…more summery…like a salad!

brewski chorlton review hollygoeslightly

Now I never order salads when I eat out, it seems like a wasted option to me if I’m honest. But I decided to break with tradition and ordered one of their specials which was a Blackened cajun fried chicken, on a salad of spicy rice and gem lettuce with a siracha mayo. It definitely had bite and was absolutely delicious! A real filling meal of a salad, perfectly light and crispy chicken and a great mix of rice and veggies. Well done Brewski, you’ve converted me.

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Then…my hubby had a main all to himself (although he did reluctantly give me a bite) and went for The Burger which was literally everything I love and would choose for my perfect burger – buttermilk fried chicken, avocado mayo and other amazing bits I can’t even remember, so you’ll have to go in and check it out for yourself. This really was an outstanding burger and something I’ll definitely order next time…alongside my salad…and poutine!

Brewski Chorlton also serves a great selection of craft ales and I love the idea of going in with a few pals and sharing a 20″ stonebaked pizza – so that’s on the list too!

So there we have it, my review in a nutshell! Moral of the story is…go check our Brewski Chorlton, it’s not to be missed!