A Review of Luck Lust Liquor & Burn – A Saturday Night in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

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What a night this Saturday turned out to be. Our friend was up to visit for a late birthday outing for me, so we started-off in Castlefield, Manchester again. We enjoyed drinkies in the sun to make the most of the weather we’re having and then moved onto the Northern Quarter for dinner and cocktails.

me and coops in manchester

Hubby in Manchester

We’d heard a lot about Luck Lust Liquor & Burn (LLLB) in the Northern Quarter and fancied a good burger, so off we went to see what all the fuss was about. Walking in, the place has character and charm without being contrived and instantly feels relaxed and welcoming. Arriving at about 6.30pm, the restaurant upstairs was already packed with a waiting list for tables ahead of us. But with a 40-minute wait, and a great cocktail menu, we weren’t worried! Popping our names down for a table, we headed back down to the bar where we settled in a very comfy corner-booth and ordered some drinks. I opted for a Passionfruit Mojito-style cocktail which was delicious and nicely boozy – the boys both went for tankards of cold lager.

menu luck lust liquor & burn

passionfruit cocktail luck lust liquor & burn

beer tankards luck lust liquor & burn

northern quarter manchester

Luck Lust Liquor & Burn is the sort of place where people don’t look at you strangely if you strike-up a conversation with strangers at the next table, and this is what we did. Chatting and drinking away, the 40-minute wait for a table flew by and we excitedly made our way back upstairs to be seated in a great table by the window overlooking the Northern Quarter buzz outside.

writing on the wall in luck lust liquor & burn

Here’s the menu…

food menu luck lust liquor & burn

food choices luck lust liquor & burn

almost famous burgers at luck lust liquor & burn

bar food menu luck lust liquor & burn

Our mouths were watering by this point and the boys instantly opted for burgers. I took my time mulling-over the mouth-watering options laid out in front of me and eventually picked a burrito which promised to be packed with pulled-pork in chipotle BBQ sauce, rice, cheeses, peppers, onions and a creamy blue-cheese sauce…yum! With 3 different options of fries, naturally we picked a choice each so we could share (mine were the best, smothered in chipotle sauce and bacon bits!).

Our order in, we were checking-out what people were eating on the other tables and it all looked amazing. We caught site of something delicious on the table next to us and after enquiring as to what it was, we called our waitress back to throw in a last-minute order of Buffalo Chicken Blasts to share. I am so glad we did this as they were insanely sticky and scrummy!

buffalo chicken lust luck liquor & burn

Our food turned-up and we were all very impressed with what was laid out in front of us – great portions, succulent meat, spicy seasonings and crunchy fries…what more could we ask for? And the taste did not disappoint – this is some seriously good American grub! My burrito was packed full of pork, but still light and full of flavour. The boys went quiet whilst tucking-in to their burgers which is always a good sign. Each version of fries were fantastic and we happily cleared our plates. 3 very satisfied customers.

Coops went for the Triple Nom Burger with Trailer Trash Fries...

triple nom burger luck lust liquor & burn

Hubby went for the Killer Bacon Cheese Burger with the Winning fries

Killer bacon cheese burger luck lust liquor & burn

And here’s my Alabama Bone Suckin Slammer with Bacon Bacon fries

alabama bone suckin slammer luck lust lliquor & burn

burrito luck lust liquor & burn

empty plate luck lust liquor & burn

The mojitos didn’t disappoint either. I often find in restaurants like this that the cocktails fall short, as they don’t spend as much time on getting that right as they are concentrating on the food. Luck Lust Liquor & Burn does not fall under this category – each cocktail I ordered was delicious, mixed well and nicely boozy. Good burgers and good cocktails – a winning combination!

cocktail menu luck lust liquor & burn

sipping cocktail at luck lust liquor & burn

enjoying a mojito at luck lust liquor & burn

Then came dessert…the boys surprised me by ordering the Heavenly Salted Caramel Brownie and Ice Cream – wow! Sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and broken up milk buttons, topped with vanilla ice-cream; this dessert is seriously naughty…in a very good way!

brownie dessert luck lust liquor & burn

So with full tummies, we sighed with happiness and made our way out. The service and staff were friendly, the menu didn’t disappoint and the cocktails were too easy to drink. All in all a fantastic dining and Saturday night experience and we will certainly be back to Luck Lust Liquor & Burn (perhaps after a few visits to the gym first).

Where else should I be eating in Manchester? Happy to take suggestions! 🙂