Saturday Night in the Northern Quarter – a review of Kosmonaut, Manchester

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At a lose end on a Saturday evening, hungry, thirsty and not wanting to spend too much money – we thought we’d give Kosmonaut, Manchester in the Northern Quarter, a try. I’d heard some good things about it and wanted to find out for myself.

It’s what an evening out in the Northern Quarter promises: cool, hip and a bit off the wall – just what we fancied. When we walked in, it immediately felt very chilled and I fell in love with the loft-style red-brick walls, floorboards, exposed pipes and kitchen tiles. The interior is right-up-my-street and totally the New York-style loft-living that I wish was my reality.

Kosmonaut bar northern quarter

I settled-in to a large glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc…perfect for a Summer’s evening – and the boys enjoyed Strawberry and Lime Rekorderligs on ice, whilst we perused the menu. The menu offers affordable diner-type food (basically boards and burgers with a twist). Wholesome crowd-pleasers meaning you’re bound to find something you fancy on the menu.

I opted for the pulled-pork burger with BBQ sauce and sweet potato fries – with a side of Mac & Cheese (my go-to food). The boys went for the House double-burgers and skin-on fries and were very happy with their selection (and they know a good burger when they eat one!).

Here’s my burger…

Pulled pork burger and sweet potato fries

The sweet-potato fries were outstanding; fluffy in the middle and crisp on the outside. My pulled-pork could have had more BBQ sauce, but the mac & cheese was outstanding…creamy, cheesy, gooey loveliness. All in all, for about £8, couldn’t complain!

I moved onto cocktails, sipping delicious strawberry daiquiris for the rest of the evening and we just sat, chatted, people-watched and really enjoyed ourselves. The staff are friendly and chatty and it’s got a cool enough vibe to stay on into a Saturday night.

When popping to the ladies, I noticed an awesome room downstairs, with more seats and ping-pong tables (looked like a great function space). Definitely need to check that out more next time.

So we only popped-in, not knowing much about it, but Kosmonaut is definitely on my list of places to go again in the Northern Quarter. It represented great value-for-money, yummy food and a cool environment. I wish I was hungrier when I went, as I would have liked to have tucked into more on the menu and sample some of their desserts. However, this now leaves me with no choice but to return and write a follow-up review 🙂

kosmonaut northern quarter manchester

Have you been to Kosmonaut? What did you think of the food – is there something we should be eating next time?