how to cook the perfect steak hollygoeslightly

I love steak! There’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked, good cut of steak, simply seasoned and served with chips. Don’t you agree?

Someone else who likes steak is Jamie Oliver and boy does he cook them well! I’m a fan of Jamie and have all his cook books. I like the approach-ability of his dishes, the simplicity of the cooking and our mutual love of good ingredients and Italian flavours. 

Jamie loves steak so much that he has his very own steak restaurant, Barbecoa, in the city of London and his wonderful team have come up with The Expert’s Guide To Cooking The Perfect Steak (see below). I love a good infographic!

Inspired by this guide, I decided to try and cook my very own perfect steak. I like to eat steak out, but rarely cook it myself as I don’t ever think it’ll be as good. So why not give it a go ‘ey?

how to cook the perfect steak hollygoeslightly

My method for cooking the perfect steak is heavily based on the above, with just a couple of modifications to ensure a low-fat dish (as I’m watching those lbs at the moment).

I opted for nice sirloin steaks for hubby and I. I let them sit at room temperature for half an hour as the infographic recommends, then drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with rock salt and pepper. That’s it!

how to cook the perfect steak sirloin ingredients hollygoeslightlyhow to cook the perfect steak olive oil hollygoeslightlyhow to cook the perfect steak sirloin hollygoeslightly

I used my copper bottom skillet for cooking the steaks and heated on high, adding the steaks once hot and so they sizzled as soon as they hit the pan.

how to cook the perfect steak in pan hollygoeslightlyhow to cook the perfect steak sealed in pan hollygoeslightly

I cooked the steaks for 1 minute on each side, on a high heat, turning with my tongs.

I then turned the heat down to medium and continued to cook for 2 minutes on each side, as we both like our steaks rare. At this point, I rubbed a garlic clove over each side of each steak for a bit of added flavour.

how to cook the perfect steak searing in pan hollygoeslightly

Whilst they were cooking, I had my sweet potato fries cooking away in the air-fryer (simply cut and drizzled with 1 tsp of olive oil and seasoned lightly and cooked for 15 mins at 180 degrees).

how to cook the perfect steak sweet potato fries hollygoeslightly

Once the steaks were done to our liking (still soft and springy to the touch), I removed them from the pan and left them to rest for a few minutes. Top tip: let your perfectly cooked steak rest on a warmed plate for best results and the tenderest of meats. 

While the steaks were resting, I threw a few asparagus tips and king prawns into the same pan, to cook-off in the steak juices, seasoned lightly. Delicious.  This only took about 3 minutes.

how to cook the perfect steak prawns asparagus hollygoeslightly

I threw together a low-fat yoghurt dressing for the steak (0% fat greek yoghurt, garlic salt, smoked paprika, mixed herbs and lemon juice mixed together to taste), to drizzle over once plated.

And here’s the results:

how to cook the perfect steak rare chips prawns hollygoeslightly

Hubby’s cut of steak was slightly thicker and he likes his rare-to-blue, so his was very pink. 

how to cook the perfect steak fries prawns hollygoeslightly

My perfectly cooked rare steak, sweet potato fries, prawns and asparagus. 

how to cook the perfect steak hollygoeslightly

With yoghurt dressing. 

What makes the perfect steak for you?

If you’re interested in Jamie Oliver’s restaurants, I’ve also reviewed Jamie’s Italian and talked about my love of pasta, so check them out.



This blog post is in collaboration with Barbecoa restaurant, but as ever, all views are my own and it’s through my love of food (and steak), that I wrote this post.