Dream Magnum this Christmas

I’m finally feeling festive and this weekend we went for a lovely stroll on a cold Winter’s day and came back with a huge Christmas tree. We had agreed a small one would be best this year and somehow came back with one standing tall at over 7 feet. Well, when that festive cheer grabs you, you can’t resist can you?

When I’m feeling festive, I think about all the things I love…my family, my friends, my home…and naturally this quickly turns into thoughts of all the foods I love (naturally). So whilst I was decorating our new tree and dreaming of a white Christmas, I was also dreaming of a white Magnum. See what I did there? 🙂

The craving fully set in and off I trotted to the shops to pick up a white chocolate Magnum ice cream. But that wasn’t enough, I wanted my Dream Magnum! Hmmm…what to put on top of my Dream Magnum?..what would make it perfect?

I decided not to overdo it and keep the flavours classic but my absolute faves. So I opted for a drizzle of milk chocolate and lashings of warm melted salted caramel. Wow!

My Dream Magnum

Dream-Magnum-hollygoeslightly from Holly Wood on Vimeo.

My Dream Magnum was a welcome break from decorating the Christmas tree. For those few minutes, I put my feet up and tucked-in, savouring every bite and singing Bing Crosby’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” in my head. No distractions. Just me, my Christmas tree and my Dream Magnum. Sssshhh….don’t tell my husband!

What would your Dream Magnum be? Which ice-cream would you start with and what would you put on top? Instagram or tweet your creations and #DreamMagnum so I can see.

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? Comment below with your instagram so I can see what they look like.