top 5 engagement rings 2016 tiffany yellow diamond ring hollygoeslightly

Are you thinking of popping the question this year? Or have you just got engaged? One of the first questions a bride-to-be is always asked is “let’s see it”, referring to the ring. We can’t help it, we all want to see the ring!

For me, I think an engagement ring says a lot about the person and the couple. It’s one of very few things that you’ll wear every single day of your life (along with knickers and deoderant hopefully), so it’s so important that it feels right and that you LOVE it.

For some, the ring is a total surprise, seen for the first time at the proposal and for others, there is a definite wish-list and even a number of shopping excursions leading up to the engagement to make sure the ring is exactly right.

I was lucky and was totally surprised at my engagement and hell yeh, the ring was perfect! I mean, couldn’t-have-chosen-it-better-myself-perfect. Well done hubby.

But obviously I’m still obsessed with weddings…and diamonds (who isn’t?), so I do tend to look at jewellers windows and flick through my instagram feed to see what rings people are getting engaged with and which ones I’d like if I didn’t already have the perfect ring.

So I decided to collate my Top 5 Engagement rings of 2016 in the hope that it’ll form some source of inspiration for those of you out there that are soon to be engaged (you might not even know it yet).

1.The Antique One – I’ve always loved antique jewellery and enjoy hearing the story behind items passed down through generations. I know I’ll be doing that with my ring eventually. This Art Deco platinum ring is a particular stunner.

top 5 engagement rings 2016 antique diamond hollygoeslightly

2.The Solitaire One – Classic, chic and stunning. What more can I say? Who wouldn’t want a bit of Cartier in their life?

top 5 engagement rings 2016 solitaire dimaond ring cartier hollygoeslightly

3.The Unusual One – Everyone should have exactly the ring they want and everyone is different. So why shouldn’t your engagement ring be a bit different? I love the mix of golds in this one and the unusual band. top 5 engagement rings 2016 unusual ring hollygoeslightly

4.The Rose Gold One – This is a colour that made a seriously big comeback in 2015 and is here to stay in 2016 and 2017. Rose Gold is timeless and more subtle then its yellow gold counterpart. This Anna Sheffield ring is stunning. top 5 engagement rings 2016 rose gold diamond ring hollygoeslightly

5.The Extravagant One – Why not add a pop of colour? Diamonds and precious stones come in all shapes and sizes. These yellow diamonds from Tiffany make quite the impact don’t they?top 5 engagement rings 2016 tiffany yellow diamond ring hollygoeslightly

This was just a bit of fun, there are thousands of stunning engagement rings out there, I could find a new one I like every day.

What do you think? 

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