Our Engagement Photoshoot by Emma Case Photography

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So following-on from my Engagement in NYC post, it’s only natural to tell you about our Engagement Photoshoot with the wonderful Emma Case.

Having met Emma when I worked as a Wedding Planner, I instantly warmed to her (it’s hard not to) and her photos were the best I’d seen of the venue I was based at. So when it came to planning my own wedding, our Wedding Photography was one of the first decisions we made and we even set our wedding date according to Emma’s availability (don’t tell her that!).

Emma has a fabulous, recognisable style that we felt suited our personalities and the style of wedding we wanted. I knew hubby would agree, and after a 30-min skype session with Emma and her partner in crime Pete, we were smitten and extremely excited about our future wedding photos.

Now I’m a complete poser when it comes to photos, but hubby isn’t…he’s more silly, let-me-pull-a-face-and-grab-your-boob, when it comes to posing for the camera. So when Emma mentioned an engagement shoot to a) get some seriously awesome photos of us as a couple to celebrate our love and b) get used to the camera and feel relaxed, we jumped at the chance! With a 20-month engagement, we also couldn’t wait that long to have some photos for the wall, so the idea ticked all the boxes.

So about 8 months after we got engaged, we headed down to meet Emma and Pete, bottle of bubbles and a few props in hand. And what an awesome afternoon it was! When we arrived, they greeted us with open arms and it instantly felt like we’d known them for years. They both emanate such warmth and love and happen to be funny, silly and up for banter too (a winning combination for us). Within minutes, we were messing about, sipping our bubbly and having a right laugh.

We had planned for glorious sunny weather, but alas, the heavens opened and it was a total wash-out. So we decided to use Emma’s office building (an old factory) as the backdrop for our engagement photoshoot…and I’m so glad we did. The results speak for themselves and it was so relaxed and fun and we felt like the focus was on us as a couple and not our surroundings. It’s not often we get to dedicate time to just us, focussing on our relationship, so the photoshoot was a great excuse to do this and to get excited about our wedding to come (without feeling vain and self-centred).

Hubby enjoyed it as much as I did and Emma’s laid-back direction and easy-chat, made it all the more fun. It was the first-step to us being husband and wife and a very special moment for us – for that, I thank Emma and Pete. Their genuine excitement for our wedding was infectious and we left our photoshoot feeling giddy and in love.

And here are the results (I’m sure you can see why we fell in love with Emma’s photography)…

engagement photoshoot bride head on grooms shoulder

engagement photoshoot bride leaning on grooms shoulder

engagement photoshoot bride looking into camera

engagement photoshoot couple laughing close up

engagement photoshoot couple laughing

engagement photoshoot couple sitting on stairs

engagement photoshoot couple laughing together

engagement photoshoot couple looking down smiling

engagement photoshoot couple looking down

engagement photoshoot couple standing on stairs

engagement photoshoot couple looking at camera

enagement photoshoot bride looking at camera

engagement photoshoot couple hugging

engagement photoshoot couple standing against wall

engagement photoshoot couple hugging

engagement photoshoot bride under halo light

engagement photoshoot groom smiling at camera

engagement photoshoot couple holding hands middle

engagement photoshoot couple holding hands waist down

engagement photoshoot bride looking at groom

engagement photoshoot couple holding hands

engagement photoshoot couple looking into eachothers eyes

engagement photoshoot couple sitting in dark room

engagement photoshoot couple pulling faces

engagement photoshoot couple standing behind window

engagement photoshoot couple standing in poles

engagement photoshoot couple playing

engagement photoshoot couple kissing

engagement photoshoot couple nuzzling close up

engagement photoshoot couple lying on picnic blanket

engagement photoshoot save the date

engagement photoshoot bride letters

engagement photoshoot hollywood

engagement photoshoot bride by letters