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Wedding Planning with Pandora

You might know from reading this blog that I am now officially my own boss #GirlBoss! I love it. I have three jobs really (I know!)…1. Commercial Director for a seriously awesome Growth Marketing Agency, 2. Blogger (hells yeh!) and 3. Wedding Planner.

The latter is in some ways, what I’m most proud of, as it’s 100% my own business, started from scratch. Wedding Planning is something I’ve always loved to do, used to do in a previous career down in Buckinghamshire and now I offer my services to wonderful engaged couples across the UK. I’ve had my first two couples book me for 2016 and am now embarking on finding more of you awesome people to hire me for 2017 and beyond.

Part of Wedding Planning is knowing the industry – attending wedding fayres, keeping up with the Jones’s on social media and reading wedding mags. What a tough job huh? So recently, I spent my Saturday morning flicking through the latest wedding mag, donning my Pandora jewellery.Continue reading

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Merci Maman Jewellery

Merci maman – what does it mean? Literally it means “thanks Mum” and in terms of jewellery, it means simply stunning. I’m a mum, I love jewellery and I now own two pieces from the wonderful Merci Maman Boutique.

My first is the tree of life bracelet, which is rose gold plated and is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery and other than my engagement ring, is the one piece that gets commented on every time I wear it. It’s very unique, chic and wearable. I had mine personalised with some words that mean something to me and cherish it dearly.

My second piece is a necklace, plated in three colours of gold and it’s brightened up these cold, wintery days we’re having…Continue reading

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Top 5 Engagement Rings 2016

Are you thinking of popping the question this year? Or have you just got engaged? One of the first questions a bride-to-be is always asked is “let’s see it”, referring to the ring. We can’t help it, we all want to see the ring!

For me, I think an engagement ring says a lot about the person and the couple. It’s one of very few things that you’ll wear every single day of your life (along with knickers and deoderant hopefully), so it’s so important that it feels right and that you LOVE it.Continue reading