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If you follow my blog or my instagram, you’ll know two main things: 1. I am a major advocate for family travel (no matter how old your children are!) and 2. Italy has a special place in my heart. Everything about Italy…the landscapes, the food, the people…it is a country that feels like a second home to me.

Over the years, we’ve spent many-a family holiday in Tuscany, a place we’ve come to know well, but we’ve also enjoyed exploring the rest of Italy and there are a lot of places on my hit-list! I’ve been researching family holiday destinations in Italy and came across somewhere that looks to make the perfect family seaside getaway: Cefalù, Sicily. So I thought I might start a new series here on the blog about family holiday destinations in Italy. What do you think? Here’s the first instalment…

Family Holiday Destinations in Italy

Cefalù, Sicily

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I’ve wanted to go to Sicily for a while now as I’ve never been and have heard nothing but good things about the island. A major draw (as with much of Italy) is that Italian places are know to be very friendly to children, with welcoming locals, family-friendly attractions and an environment both open and used to kids.

Where is it?

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Cefalù is a small town located about 70 kilometres outside of Palermo (the island’s capital city). That means not too much travel time to get there, ideal with kids in tow, but far enough away from the bustle of a bigger city so you feel like you are in your own little world. There are three main international airports in Sicily and plenty of budget airlines, fly directly from the UK (and here in Manchester), too. If you fly into Palermo, you can train or drive in the short 70 kilometres to Cefalù.

Where to stay?

For any holiday, especially a family holiday, where you stay is crucial. It is highly recommended and quite common particularly for families travelling with children, to stay in a villa that is owned by locals and available for rent. After doing some research, I discovered Wishsicily. There are many villas in Cefalù and the site Wishsicily can help you find the right one for you and your family. This type of accommodation offers visitors a lot of flexibility, privacy and the comfort of a proper home. If you have young ones like we do, it is helpful to stick to some semblance of a routine and a villa gives your family the space to do just that.

Why Cefalù?

The town of Cefalù is right on the water and has a profound rock formation called La Rocca that sits just above the town. It has a setup perfect for pure relaxation along with plenty of things to do and see.

Having spoken Wishsicily further, they’ve informed me that these are a few of the main activities that I’m sure my family would love to do in Cefalù:

  • Make a sandcastle, play at the sandy beach and take a swim in the sea (oh I do like to be beside the seaside)
  • Visit the Cathedral and get a gelato to enjoy in the square afterwards (nocciola is my favourite flavour)
  • Explore the market and pick out some food favourites. Then pick a spot around the town with a view to enjoy (local markets are always top of my list!)
  • Take a stroll along the main roads with a treat in hand
  • Organise a boat ride and snorkel along the way (the kids would love this too!)
  • Hike up La Rocca and take in the views (perhaps one to do when the kids are older!)


family holiday destinations italy cefalu sicily cannoli

And probably my favourite part of all: the food. Italian food is fresh, colourful and full of flavour. Sicily apparently is known for its pistachios, almonds and aubergines. Local dishes include: arancine (stuffed rice balls), fresh seafood, and the famous cannoli. The added beauty of Sicily is that it has the Italian classics, such as pasta and pizza, a winner for children across the land!

Cefalù, Sicily is a destination on our family bucket list. Have you been before? If so, what did you enjoy there? If not, does it seem like somewhere you’d like to go?

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