A day in Pisa during Covid-19

Okay, so the award for worst travel blogger ever goes to… me! We enjoyed a day in Pisa during Covid-19 back in July and it’s taken me this long to get the vlog up… I’m sorry and I will do better next time.

Phew! Apologies out the way and I hope you’ll watch my litte vlog (maybe with a glass of Vernaccia or Chianti in hand) and enjoy it! I created it for two reasons really: 1) I want to show those that are nervous about travelling after Covid-19 outbreak, that it can be done and 2) Because I adore Italy and I want to, in my small way, support their tourist industry, which has suffered a huge knock this year…

A day in Pisa during Covid-19

Watch my vlog here…

Now we’ve all had a massive knock since Covid-19 showed-up, but no industry has suffered much more than the travel world. I for one, have a business in the travel industry, so I have experienced first-hand, the nerves and uncertainty about travelling during Covid.

We wanted… no needed to escape the UK after 4 months in lockdown with 2 kids. We’re both entrepreneurs and work for ourselves, so it was a busy and stressful time, with no childcare. We had so many amazing travel experiences booked for 2020 that were cancelled and we were craving the sunshine and culture of another country… our favourite other country… Italy.

Luckily for us, we have family out there, with a house big enough to welcome us for the 6 weeks of summer. So as the UK was preparing to open up some “travel corridors” and allow travelling after Covid-19 once again, we were making plans for our escape! We left 2 days after the travel corridor through France and Italy opened and decided that the safest way for us to travel, was to drive. This meant we could be in our own bubble, minimal exposure to anyone else and keep and risks to a minimum for our family out in Italy. We’d then join their bubble for the summer.

I won’t go into it here as I’ve written a post about driving to Italy after lockdown here. I’ve also saved the entire car journey in my insta-highlights here.

Pisa during Covid-19

What struck me when we visited Pisa during Covid-19, albeit after lockdown, was how well the Italians were managing things. It seemed a lot more organised and a lot clearer plan than back in the UK. Everyone was being respectful of the rules to wear masks indoors, in enclosed spaces and when you greet people outside of your bubble. No one leaves the house without their mask in Italy. So we felt very safe and pleasantly surprised when we decided to take a day trip with my eldest (who’s 5) to the usually busy city of Pisa.

What was Pisa really like during Covid?

Well it was a double-edged sword. In a selfish way, it was amazing! It was the height of Summer, mid-July, when usually the city would be swarming with tourists. But just a couple of months after Italy had come out of lockdown, the country was noticeably quiet. It meant we could walk around with plenty of space, didn’t have to queue to go anywhere and could get a table in the best places with no problem.

But on the other hand, it was really sad to see a city like Pisa, so reliant on the tourism industry, quiet with many businesses still closed. Speaking to business owners and staff, they were all just so happy to be working and to see some tourists again.

So, in our small way, we were happy to be making a contribution, in a safe and responsible way. We didn’t venture out much during our 6 weeks in Italy, much the same as we wouldn’t have been out much in the UK. But when we did visit cities and towns, it was so much quieter but reassuring to see some tourists being welcomed safely and excitedly.

What do you think? Have you considered travelling after Covid-19?

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