Frickin’ Hell Mann Burger at Almost Famous

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I’ve not written a foodie post in a while, so this one will knock your socks off! Like burgers? Like Mac n’ Cheese? Yeh I thought so! Well you will be drooling at the limited edition Frickin’ Hell Mann Burger that was recently available at Almost Famous. It was pure bliss!

Basically, the awesome household name (and sauce) Hellmann’s teamed up with the wicked burger joint Almost Famous, to bring a limited edition burger that showcased two of their delectable sauces. Obviously anything with a mac n’ cheese “skirt” is just fine by me! The hubby and I happily devoured one each (though it nearly defeated me), one lunch time last week…

Frickin’ Hell Mann Burger

Now as they’re limited edition, the Frickin’ Hell Mann Burger has flown out the window as quickly as it flew in! BUT, fear not fellow burger lovers, Hellmann’s are teaming up again with another Northern burger institution – Archie’s.

They have just launched a new limited-edition dish, the ‘Hot as Hell-Mann’, which will be available from 17th August to 14th September across all Archie’s restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool. Even better it’ll be priced at just £6.49. But be warned…apparently it’s eye-wateringly hot! Can you take it?

Well here’s us dribbling our way through the Frickin’ Hell Mann Burger last week and I reckon if we all shout loud enough, they’ll bring it back and make it a regular on the menu! Come on guys…!


What do you think? Gonna give the ‘Hot as Hell-Mann’ burger a go?