chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly

As you will all know, I love my American food! And one place that is doing American food very well, is Chuck Burger Bar in Hatch End!

It not only has a great, finger-licking menu, it also has moreish cocktails and gorgeous decor.

We were visiting my brother and sister-in-law, who still live “dahhn saaf” and needed somewhere to fill our faces on a Saturday evening. We wanted ribs, pulled pork, mac n cheese, fries…and Chuck Burger Bar answered our calls!

First things first…cocktails – a classic Mojito is always a winner in my books.

chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly drinkschuck burger bar hollygoeslightly mojito

Then onto perusing the menu…lots of difficult choices to make. This gorgeous pair definitely needed to concentrate (I don’t think we spoke for the first 10 minutes).

chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly menu readingchuck burger bar hollygoeslightly menu

Now we all like our food and I think we scared the waiter a little bit when we ordered (a common occurence when we go out to eat)…but we knew what we were in for and we were ready! So we ordered buffalo wings, burgers, sandwiches, fries and sides a’ plenty!

The photos don’t do this food justice and the atmospheric lighting and my grumbling belly means they’re not the best snaps in the world, but hopefully they’ll give you a good idea,

I opted for the Pulled Pork Sandwich with house bbq sauce, jalapeno slaw & pickles, with Cheesey loaded fries! Isn’t it dreamy…

chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly pulled pork sandwich

Naturally we shared a side of Truffle mac & cheese. This was everything one would want in a mac n cheese…gooey, but not too runny and crispy on the top and just a hint of truffle…mmmm!

chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly mac and cheese


We shared an array of starters and sides, which included these little bad boys! (Mac n cheese croquettes & rib-tips!)

chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly mac and cheese croquettes chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly rib tips

The sweet potato fries are worth a mention too by the way! And because we were feeling extra indulgent, we shared some desserts too!

I went for the Salted Caramel and Peanut Torte... Obvs! And my bro went for the daily special, which was called Chuck Berry. 

chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly peanut torte chuck burger bar hollygoeslightly chuck berry

Both desserts were rich, sticky, sweet and indulgent…everything you’d want in a pudding. And the perfect end to a fabulous evening of American food, in West London.

This place is seriously worth checking out. I’ve got my eye on their brunch menu too – eggs benedict, french toast, pancakes…need I say more!

Where do you go for good American food?

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