chorlton green brasserie seared scallops hollygoeslightly

Being a Chorlton-ite, I love pretty much everything on Beech Road and one place that is creeping up to being my favourite eatery, is the Chorlton Green Brasserie.

Located at the top of the road, just before you reach the Horse and Jockey, this little gem is nestled just before the corner and if you blink, you might miss it. But it’s understated elegance and chic but comfy interior, make it always welcoming. 

We’d been quite a few times for breakfast or brunch on the weekends (they do a mean Eggs Benedict!) and always enjoyed the good quality, freshly cooked food, but had never visited the brasserie for dinner for some strange reason. So one Friday, after work, we decided to take a stroll along Beech Road to see what would entice us in for dinner. For us, Chorlton Green Brasserie is one of the first places we hit, and that particular evening, we decided we’d go no further. The warm lighting and enticing chalk-board beckoned us inside. so who were we to say no?

Now we went straight after work on a Friday, so were lucky enough to find a table for two, with our names on it. But I have noticed that it is often fully booked, so I’d say it’s always worth a phone-call and booking in advance.

We were led through to the back of the tiny restaurant, to a table where we could enjoy the sites from the small hatch showing the Chefs cooking away in the kitchen (I always think it’s a good sign when there’s an open kitchen!). Usually this would be about the time I’d order a nice glass of white, but as I’m expecting, it was a non-alcoholic beverage for me. Luckily, the brasserie do a great selection of cocktails and therefore can rustle up a pretty awesome mocktail too! I went for a Virgin Mojito, which is fresh and zingy and makes a welcome change from juice or diet coke!

The menu is fairly short, seasonal and often changes, but always has a great selection!

I’d recommend that you if you’re hungry, order the selection of locally baked bread, which comes with humous and pesto…mmmm. This time round, we shared a starter of Seared scallops with pulled pork bon bons, sweet potato puree, with chorizo oil and petit herbs. And I instantly wished we’d ordered one each, as this dish was SERIOUSLY delish! The bon bons were gorgeous morsels of loveliness and the parsnip crisps gave a great crunch. I let hubby devour the scallops and we both mmmed and ahhhed happily through the dish.

chorlton green brasserie seared scallops hollygoeslightly

Onto the main and being pregnant, I upsettingly avoided the beef medallions, as I like my beef cooked rare – but I could enjoy staring at the dish as hubby ordered it. And I believe him when he said it was delicious.

Beef medallions, dauphinoise potato, portobello mushroom, tenderstem broccoli, black pepper sauce and truffle oil.

chorlton green brasserie steak hollygoeslightly 

I opted for the smokey and delicious Smoked chicken and spring onion risotto, parma ham and sunblush tomatoes. This is a starter option, but I asked for a main portion, which they happily obliged. I also had a side of garlic ciabatta and devoured every last bit.

chorlton green brasserie risotto hollygoeslightly

I wish I had room to fit in a dessert that evening to show you, but I’ve eaten dessert there before and it is a special experience, so not to be avoided! The brasserie always has specials on too, which the lovely waiters/resses will talk you through when you arrive.

I genuinely mean it when I say that the Chorlton Green Brasserie is demonstrating some seriously good cooking and is the perfect place for a romantic meal, dinner with friends or of course a weekend brunch. Definitely call ahead for dinner, so you’re not disappointed (particularly on a Friday and Saturday) as it is tiny and tables go quickly.

See also my review of Bar San Juan on Beech Road.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Chorlton?