In this festive season, we probably think about family more then any other time of year. I know I do. It’s the time of year when the importance of loved ones and a together family is in focus and it’s a time for reflection.

I count myself extremely lucky, having the most wonderful little family, that hopefully one day we will grow. But when you have a child, there’s no getting away from the responsibility you are suddenly endowed with – the responsibility to look after another human being and the responsibility to provide for them in the best possible way you can. That’s what family means to me.

What does family mean to you?

what does family mean to you slater gordon family hollygoeslightly

Slater Gordon family solicitors Manchester are seasoned professionals in family law and have put together this really interesting graphic about what makes a family these days. It’s not quite the 2.4 children, married traditional unit of the old days…

what does family mean to you slater gordon hollygoeslightly

It’s an interesting survey isn’t it? And essentially, family means something different to everyone. Between my husband and I, we have quite different family units. My folks have been together for 40 years, whereas my husband’s parents have happily re-married. There are step-siblings and half-siblings, yet we are all totally one unit, one loving family.

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To me, family is about creating a loving, secure unit that supports each other, whatever your personal circumstances. I hope that that’s what we can provide for our children.

But there’s no getting away from the fact that one day we won’t be here and it’s our responsibility to leave things in the best possible state for our children. Having recently purchased our new family home, we will be planning ahead and creating our wills so that everything is in order. It’s something that’ll remain fluid and we can revise as the years go on, but having a young family, we realised this was something we should do.

What does family mean to you? Have you ever needed help with family law?

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