On our recent travels to Italy, I finally ventured out on a vespa in Tuscany and loved every minute of it.

Everyone who Vespas says it’s the only way to see Tuscany and it always looked so cool. Last year, we didn’t get a chance to venture out, but this year, there were two vespas at our disposal and I plucked-up the courage to give it a go. ¬†And I’m so glad I did!

Vespa in Tuscany

It was a little unnerving at first, as it feels like there’s a lot of power shooting you off when you accelerate a vespa. I sort of jerked it for the first few goes as it doesn’t feel like you should be going so fast, but you’ve got to just go with it as it actually gets easier once you’re moving.

I let the hubby lead me out as he’s a pro and it gave me someone to follow and copy. Where we stay in Tuscany is a very narrow street with a sharp corner, so I was nervous I’d just go careering into the wall, but I made it and I guess you just naturally steer the Vespa like you would a bike.

Before I knew it we were out on the long, narrow, twisting and turning Tuscan roads and Vespa-ing along happily. It feels so good and you see so much more of the countryside on a Vespa in Tuscany. Plus, it’s sooooo hot in Summer that it’s actually nice and cooling being out in the open.

TIP: wear sun screen as you don’t realise how hot it is!

We took a couple of short trips out on the Vespa, one to the neighbouring town of Lari and another to a hilltop town we’d never been to before, Palaia. It was so much fun!

And the awesome thing about riding a Vespa in Tuscany? You can literally park it anywhere! We just pulled-up outside bars and cafes, parked-up and popped inside. It’s so cool and I’ve got to admit, I felt a bit more Italian.

Have you ridden a Vespa before? What did you think?