hollygoeslightly how to pack for your holiday

Your flights are booked, hotel reservation made and excursions scheduled…but what will you wear? How many bikinis will you need? Should you take a pair of heels? Packing for your holiday is by no means an easy task, but here are some tips on how to pack for your holiday in the best possible way…

1. Make a list

If you’re like me, you’ll love (and need) a good list. A week ahead of your holiday, write a list of what you think you’ll need. You’ll have a fresh head and won’t be panicked by doing it last minute, so are less likely to throw random things onto the list. You can then keep going back to this list each day to see if you still need each thing. 

2. Pack over a few days

Take the panic out of it! Get your suitcase ready a few days ahead of your holiday and start putting things aside, in piles next to the suitcase. This will help you figure out and see exactly what you’re going to put into the case.

3. Work out your outfits

Don’t just shove every summery item of clothing you have into the suitcase, if you haven’t worked out if you can wear them together. If you’ve got some tops, make sure that you have bottoms or skirts to go with them. If not, don’t pack it! If you want to take that awesome new pair of floral cullottes, which top would work with it? Pack that! What cardigan will go with multiple outfits? This is a real space saver and means you’ll have ready-made outfits waiting for you when you unpack.

4. Fold or roll?

Which saves the most space? Who cares! Just try and be orderly and don’t just shove things into your case. There’s nothing worse then getting to your hotel, excited to head down to the beach bar and you reach into your luggage for that summer dress you bought for just such an occasion…and it’s creased! Be neat people, it’s worth it!

5. Go online

If you like to do things online, then check out websites and apps like Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. They’ll help you create your checklist and tick it off as you pack. (Good old-fashioned pen and paper works too!)

6. Practical bits

If you’re taking any liquids, creams, perfumes etc. pack these in your main luggage and wrap them in a couple of plastics bags…just in case they leak! You don’t want your entire holiday wardrobe covered in shampoo!

7. Weigh weigh weigh

All airlines are getting strict with the weight of luggage and particularly the budget airlines, will have strict restrictions on the weight of your luggage. So try and weigh your packed bag before you set-off. You don’t want any surprises when you turn-up at the airport to check-in and you have to leave things behind or pay a hefty fee to get it on the plane.

8. Buy it out there

If all else fails, and you do forget that REALLY important thing that you just can’t be without on holiday…then buy it when you get there! Most holiday destinations have shops, most airports have a Boots (or similar store), so it’s not the end of the world. And guess what? You get to go shopping then 🙂

These tips helped me when I was packing for Italy. Do you have any extra tips that help you?