Hopefully you’ve seen last week’s post about our enchanting dinner in the hills outside Florence? (I was particularly proud of my photography skills in that one!). It really was a night to remember. Well, I thought I’d follow it up with a cheeky little video of our EatWith dinner party, to show you a little bit more of the special location…

EatWith Dinner Party in Florence

We were introduced to our wonderful hosts Jo and her husband, by EatWith, which is definitely an online tool I’ll be using again when we travel! They say they’re the future of dining and I think they’re right! And for anyone into new experiences and meeting new people, it’s definitely something to consider on your next holiday or travels.

The location, the house, the views, the company, the wine and the food – it really couldn’t have been more perfect.

I felt more comfortable going with hubby, as we’d be joining strangers for dinner and it was our first EatWith dinner party experience, but having done it once, I’d definitely be happy to join a dinner party alone now. That’s the beauty, the hosts are registered and “vetted” and you link up with your fellow diners in advance if you want to and it really is a very special and unique dining experience.

I’d say it’d be the cherry on top for any special holiday, honeymoon or anniversary for sure!

Have you done anything like this before?