Just because – photography part 1

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Every now and then I will post things on this blog just because…

Just because I like them, they make me smile, they make me happy, they intrigue me, I think they’re pretty, I think they’re cool…You get the drift.

It will be a series of photography posts, taken by moi.

Here’s a ‘just because’ that are photos I’ve taken on honeymoon with my hubby Richard Wood (isn’t he handsome!)…

just because we're in Italy

These photos were taken on our amazing honeymoon in Italy back in May. They were taken in the beautiful medieval town of Sirmione, Lake Garda to be exact. The weather was gorgeous, we were both so relaxed and excited about our time away together and just incredibly happy. They are memories, they make me smile when I look at them and they make me remember just how lucky I am…in many ways.