our cloakroom bathroom with pebble grey hollygoeslightly

As you might know from my other blog posts, we’ve been working on getting the house just the way we want it, over the last year. We’ve done quite a few major(ish) projects, to make the house work for us. One of the biggest projects was converting the basement into a bedroom/office with ensuite toilet.

This was the biggest project so far and we’ve finally started decorating and putting our personal touches on the basement conversion (more posts to come on that). 

We were adamant we’d have a WC down in the basement, as it would mean climbing two flights of stairs for a wee otherwise, which isn’t the best for people coming to stay for more than a night or two. So although space was very limited, we managed to fit one in. We literally wanted a toilet and sink, somewhere for people to do their teeth, wash their face etc. For a shower or bath, they could then use the main bathroom on the top floor.

I’ve already written a post about my design inspirations for the basement, so thought it only right to follow-up with the actual outcome. Now do forgive the photography, as it is a cloakroom bathroom with no window, it’s hard to do it justice, but I’m hoping you’ll get the picture.

One of the things I’d spotted while researching how I’d like to decorate the cloakroom WC, was this awesome LED bathroom mirror, by Pebble Grey. I loved that it was battery operated, which means we didn’t have to think about wiring-up the electrics in this small space and it’s got a glamorous feel too (plus LED bulbs last for ages).

So I was super excited to get our Pebble Grey mirror and see how it looked in situ…

our cloakroom bathroom with pebble grey wc hollygoeslightly

Like I said, these photos don’t really do it justice, but you can see the mirror is nice and slim and flat, when mounted onto the wall – which makes it perfect for a small space like this. There’s a hidden switch at the bottom of the mirror, to turn the LED lights on, which are embedded flush into the mirror itself. It looks so cool!

our cloakroom bathroom with pebble grey toilet hollygoeslightly

This is a pic of the mirror without the lights on.

our cloakroom bathroom with pebble grey tiles hollygoeslightly

Our tiles are from Topps Tiles. We wanted to keep the Victorian feel running throughout the house, even in such a small space like this one. And as the colour palette is a muted blue on the walls, with white tiles and woodwork, we thought we could go for something patterned and quite strong in colour. These tiles are green and blue with white and I think they really work.

our cloakroom bathroom with pebble grey mirror hollygoeslightly

We went for a Victorian-style cloakroom toilet and sink (very small), to fit in this tiny space (purchased online from Victorian Plumbing). We went for chrome and white ceramic accessories. But I think the modern Pebble Grey mirror really sets off the more traditional styling of the bathroom, which compliments how we’ve done the rest of the house.

Can’t wait for our first house-guests to enjoy using it.

Have you done up a really tiny space? If so, email me at [email protected] as I’d love to feature it on the blog.