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The Big I is one of those ideas you wish you had! But you didn’t. Instead, the 2 Rebel Bellas had the idea to create this amazing book; curating some of the most enviable interiors out there on instagram, packing them up into this gorgeous little book and making them accessible to the likes of me (who loves all things interior, but never quite knows where to start and is never quite brave enough to just go for it!)…

The Big I – what is it?

I can’t tell you enough how the crazy world of blogging and instagram has introduced so many amazing people to me, built friendships and collaborations and has become the centre of my business. I’ve met lots of amazing people through WeBlogNorth and the six degrees of separation that has followed-on from that network. In fact, I’ve had the delight of meeting the 2 Rebel Bellas in person because of Instagram! They too were strangers to each other, who, through instagram, united over their love for creativity and interiors – real homes, real people. Now, they have released this fabulous book and are hosting events together in the Midlands. Awesome huh?

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Well like I said earlier, I blimmin’ wish I had the idea for The Big I, because it’s a great one. It seems so simple, but don’t let that fool you! It’s incredibly well thought out.

The interiors world has exploded on instagram over this last two years, with more and more people letting us into their homes via the medium of “the grid”. If you don’t know what “the grid” is, then this book might not be for you…just kidding! In truth, you don’t have to be on instagram to enjoy this book, but you might recognise some of the amazing homes featured, if you are.

The 2 Rebel Bellas have curated an amazing selection of beautiful real homes of Instagram.

quirky, fun, written from the heart…

…it certainly is that! It’s approachable, light and informative. It gives you a glimpse into each account with 1 page of photos, accompanied by a 1 page synopsis. The synopsis covers the ethos of the home being talked about, alongside helpful details like colour palette and brands used. It’s a fantastic snapshot and the “top tip” from the home-owner is a great touch too. Like I said earlier, it makes seriously impressive interior design approachable, something which hasn’t always been the case!

the big i interiors of insta book reading the big i interiors of insta book pages the big i interiors of insta book page

“Like it, Love it, Use it:

The simple words, written in the foreward of The Big I. That’s exactly what this book is about – it’s meant to be enjoyed with a glass of wine in the bath (like I did!), on those stolen moments away from the kids, in front of a roaring fire with a hot mug of choc…get my drift?

the big i 2 rebel bellas

The only thing wrong with The Big I?

…that my home isn’t cool enough to have been included! Damn it! Lol but you know what, armed with this book, it might just be for Volume 2 (if indeed the ladies spoil us with a follow-up!). 😉

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Where can you get it?

Self-published, you can buy The Big I directly from the 2 Rebel Bellas themselves. There’s something incredibly awesome about two friends, doing their thang, having a dream to release a book and just going for it! So I’m all for supporting these absolute bosses because I feel like in some ways, they’re total kindred spirits and that’s probably why we got on so well within minutes and why I was lucky enough to get an exclusive first glimpse of this fabulous book!

Incredibly inspiring, The Big I is a great coffee table addition and I can’t wait to read it from cover to cover, again and again and 2 Rebel Bellas…I’m coming to find you for a large glass of wine and a good ol’ chin wag!


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