It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a formal video house renovation project update for you guys, so here’s where we are, at the end of week 13.

The renovation was supposed to be complete by this week, but we always expected it to run over by a week or two, particularly after the set-back of bad weather we had last month. So all in all, we’re happy that we’re nearing the finish line and expect things to accelerate over this next couple of weeks, with a finish date of the May bank holiday!

House Renovation Project Update – Week 13

So the major changes are that the attic dormer conversion is now complete with the ensuite bathroom fitted and tiling almost done. And it’s looking fab! The top bedroom is also looking more like a room with the skirting board and architrave (allĀ from MDF Skirting world) in place and we’re really happy with the results. For now, we’ll leave the walls and flooring until we’ve moved in and have lived in the house a bit, to make sure we design the room exactly as we want.

What else?

The ground floor extension, our pride and joy, is almost structurally complete! Woohoo! The pitched roof is on and tiled. The velux windows are in. The kitchen is plastered and ready to be fitted when it arrives this week. We’re just waiting for the piece de resistance…the 6 metres of bifold doors, to go in. Can’t wait!

What’s gone wrong?

Nothing has gone wrong essentially, but the budget is getting tight and the “extras” are mounting-up, which means the budget has taken a bit of a battering this month. Which essentially means, we have to REIGN IT IN! So all the finishing touches, walls, floors etc. are currently on hold – except for the main bathroom and kitchen (as these, we want complete before moving in).

What next?

So hopefully by the time I do a Week 14 renovation update, we will have:

  • the bifold doors installed
  • the main bathroom fitted and tiled
  • the kitchen partially installed

That’s quite a lot to achieve and I can’t wait!

Over this next couple of weeks, I’ll be delving back into the more creative side of our home renovation and looking at style inspo again and finishing touches (even if we’re still a little way off that)! So keep your eyes peeled and send over any suggestions…please!

Did you catch my updates on the dormer attic conversion stages of the renovation?