The last two weeks of our house renovation project have flown by and the house is terrifyingly stripped back to bricks and mortar. But it’s exciting as the significant milestone has been the foundations for our extension going in…

Weeks 2 and 3 of our House Renovation Project

Walls have been removed, bricks knocked-out and cement foundations laid for what will be our open-plan living space. It’s mad actually being able to physically see the space that will be created and walk through it. I don’t know if it feels bigger or smaller yet, it’s hard to imagine with that wall still in situ.

Since we embarked on our home renovation, things have moved quickly and our builders seem to be ploughing through this mammoth project at the rate of knots. It felt like I had months ahead of me to make decisions on decor and fittings and fixtures, but we’re now 3 weeks into the renovation and we’ve got to start really deciding how we’d like our house to look.

This next week or two, I’ll be making a final decision on the flooring (oh how I want parquet), radiators and fireplaces and also bathroom suites. I’m looking forward to this, but I’m also nervous as I want to get it right for us. We don’t want to complete a home renovation project like this and then want to change things in a year’s time. So pressure’s on to make the right choices and find the best deals!

Next steps

Our home renovation will continue with the roof being removed and the back of the house rebuilt. I understand that they’ll then work from top to bottom, with the loft conversion, down to the new extension. If all is running to time, we’ve got about 9 weeks left until the builders leave and we start decorating.

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