So last week, due to a wonderful storm named Doris, we didn’t get to do a full video update of the house renovation project update at the end of week 8. Boo! Probably wasn’t that much to show you other than some damp plasterwork anyways…

Instead, I had a bit of fun looking at some design trends and interior inspo!

But this week, the weather’s held out and meant our awesome team of builders have been able to get on with it. And get on with it they have! So you’ll be getting two updates – one today and one on Sunday…lucky you!

The House Renovation Project Update – Week 8

They’ve been up in the attic conversion, putting the roof back on our home and making it water tight again. It’s amazing how quickly the roof goes back on actually.

Roof tiles

We had the option of new roof tiles, or reclaimed/weathered tiles. We went for the latter, as they are in keeping with the original roof and you genuinely wouldn’t realise the new dormer isn’t part of the original house. It’s amazing! From the front, you just wouldn’t know.

Brick work

Again, we matched and went with the original style of brick, but they are cleaner looking, so you can notice the difference in the more weather-battered original bricks and the new ones we’ve put in. But it doesn’t look out of place and it will eventually be weathered…maybe after we’re long gone.

Skirting boards and architrave

Although I’m very much about keeping original features, the skirting board and architrave just weren’t in good enough condition to be worth saving. The further into the build we got, I also realised that everything is going to look so new and clean and popping in some battered, heavily painted skirting boards just wouldn’t fit.

But we don’t want to lose character and have just a series of boxes for rooms. So we have ordered some new skirting boards and architrave, which should be on site tomorrow. More on that later!

What next?

So next, the main family bathroom and the downstairs wet-room will be delivered on site and installed. We’ve got to now choose the top room suite (the ensuite to the newly converted attic room), which is nearly as large as our main bathroom. I’m off to finalise the kitchen plans with Wren this weekend and we’ve got to make a blimmin’ decision on the flooring downstairs! But budget is running out and the flooring we want is so expensive. Ahh!

Any advice or tips on any of the above?

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