We’re now half way through the total renovation of our family home…eek! Our house renovation project update this week, sees us starting on the attic conversion, at the end of week 6…

House Renovation Project Update

The scaffolding is fully erected and the steels have gone up to the roof. The roof tiles have been taken off, so the steel beams can be installed – a big job!

It’s mad as the house really is down to its bare bones now and it’s hard to imagine that in 6 weeks time, it’ll be totally rebuilt again. Can’t wait for that moment.

The loft space is so much larger than I thought it was going to be…might have to rethink the use of the upstairs now and make it the master suite, rather than the guest bedroom suite. Hmmmm…

But next week should see the steels in place, the roof starting to go on, which means the builders can then work back down the house and put the roof on the new extension and finish that off. It’ll start to feel more of a complete house again then.

Then we’ll concentrate on the interiors, the kitchen, the bathrooms and all the other fixtures and fittings.

So not the sexiest home renovation update for you this week – but quite a significant one.

Keep your eyes on my insta stories, as I occasionally head onto site during the week and video how things are getting on.

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Over the next two weeks, I’ll be updating you on our skirting boards, flooring (hopefully reclaimed parquet!) and what bathroom suites we chose for the family bathroom and downstairs wet room.