I don’t often do a straightforward product reviews on here, but when Gtech sent me their new Gtech Multi Mk.2 with the promise of it being easy to use in our newly renovated house, I had to give it a go to see if it was something I could genuinely recommend to others. Here’s what I thought…

Gtech Multi Mk.2

gtech multi mk2 review vacuum

What is it and why do I need it?

So the Gtech Multi Mk.2 is a handheld, wireless vacuum cleaner that’s easily carried around the house and perfect for keeping on top of the cleaning! With our newly renovated house, we are very keen on keeping it looking top-notch and with a large open-plan Living space, we can’t let dust and pet hair build-up we it’s really noticeable!

So we need something that is easy to use, light to carry up and down stairs and that can get in the books and crannys behind furniture and in corners.

When I received the Gtech Multi Mk.2 I thought there had been some mistake. It arrived in a suitcase-sized box with a handle and I thought there’s no way a vacuum cleaner can be in there!? Well, I was wrong…good things really do come in small packages! Inside was not only the Gtech Multi vacuum itself, but also a dusting brush add-on, crevice tool (which is stored inside the handle – so cool!), the power brush, charger and extension tube. All perfectly packed-up and insanely easy to put together!

I mean there really isn’t anything to say about set-up, in that there isn’t any! The Gtech even came already with some charge, so I literally could just press the “on” button and go! I tried it right away, vacuuming-up some inevitable crumbs from toddler snack time on the couch! I was so surprised about the suction power of such a small machine! I thought it might be a little “weak” on that front, but the size is deceptive and I’d say don’t underestimate its power!

To get a full charge for the Gtech Multi Mk.2, you need to plug it in for 4 hours but if you’re in a rush or need to clean something quickly before guests come over for example, then you can do a 1 hour charge for a burst of cleaning. We got plenty of use out of it after charge – I got round all of our living space, kitchen, staircase and bedroom too. It was great picking up bits, animal hair and all that stuff inevitable when you have a toddler and a dog! But most importantly it was light to carry around and my daughter can even pick it up (as you see in the video)!

Emptying the Gtech Multi Mk.2 couldn’t be easier, you can simply remove the drum and open the latch to empty the contents directly into the bin – easy peasy and no mess.

I rarely do product reviews of this nature on my blog, but when I was sent the new Gtech Multi Mk.2 to review, I have to admit I was relieved to have something cordless and compact to use in our new open-plan living space. Want to know what I thought of it? Check out my review and video here...

All in all, I’m super pleased with this addition to our cleaning cupboard and think with an open-plan Living space, toddler and dog, it’s a necessity to keep on top of the vacuuming. It makes it less of an ordeal as if there’s any crumbs or mess, I can just grab the Gtech and keep on top of it, without the rigmarole of getting a large vacuum out of storage, plugging it in and dragging it about the house and lugging it up stairs.

So as far as recommending it to others, I definitely would!

Have you used a hand-held, wireless vacuum cleaner like the Gtech Multi Mk.2 before? What did you think?