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During our home renovation, which you can read all about our progress over at The House Project part of this blog, we had to shift lots of furniture and there was lots of dust, dirt and grime hanging around. Our relatively new couch from our living room suffered the brunt of the move a little, and teamed with having a toddler (sticky fingers and felt-tip pens!), our couch that was less than two years old, was looking a bit be-draggled and I was starting to worry that what we’d only just paid off on finance, wasn’t going to look the part in our newly renovated living space…boo!

But then I was approached by Fantastic Services, who told me all about their home visit cleaning services, one of which was couch cleaning…

Couch Cleaning – is it worth it?

The process was super easy and all online – we booked our visit from Fantastic Services on a Sunday afternoon, as we knew we’d be home. We gave them a really good idea of what our couch looked like, the size and materials and even sent over a few snaps of the stains and marks we hoped would be removed.

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The next thing we know, we had a lovely gentleman knock on the door, armed with his cleaning equipment, who reassured us he’d have our couch looking as good as new in no time.

Now, in honesty, I’d forgotten to prep the couch before Fantastic Services arrived and by prep I mean remove the discarded baby wipes and vacuum-up the crumbs that have probably been harbouring their own bacteria underneath our couch cushions for months. So I frantically started to do this, as he was prepping the equipment and he kindly reassured me to go and relax with my daughter in the garden, that he was used to his and that he’d seen worse (bless him, he could have been lying, but his sentiment was genuine!).

So I sat in the garden on a rare sunny afternoon and played with our daughter whilst he got on with returning our couch to its former glory.

I’ve never considered couch cleaning before, mainly because we’ve always owned hand-me-downs, that were a past their best and therefore never really thought it was worth it, but this couch is our first brand-new purchase and was quite expensive for us. So when I started to notice the stains and marks, I was really gutted, as I felt like we’d wasted our money and hadn’t done enough to keep it nice.

So couch cleaning is definitely further up the list of wants these days, as it’s worth keeping something nicer for longer isn’t it. And what’s the point in having a lovely new renovated living space if you’ve got a crusty old couch in the middle of it?!

So was it worth it?

The cleaning process took just under an hour and a half and I was talked through the results right away, shown the places where stains previously existed…shown that there was no longer any felt-tip marks on there! What?!

I couldn’t believe it, it really was spotless! Wow!

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The cushions were still damp and as it was a nice day, we had the bi-fold doors open with a nice breeze running through. We were advised to leave the doors open for as long as possible to help dry and air the couch and that it was best to stay off it for the rest of the evening, so it could settle and dry properly. So we spent the evening on cushions on the floor, but it was a small price to pay for a perfectly pristine couch that we woke up to the next morning!

So in summary, yes, couch cleaning by Fantastic Services was totally and utterly worth it! We’re so pleased with the results and feel like our couch is as good as new and still worth the investment! Plus, I feel like having a toddler can sometimes make you feel like it’s not worth having any nice furniture or soft furnishings, but knowing there are options out there like Fantastic Services, makes me feel differently.

So I would highly recommend and I know it’s something we’ll do again in 6-12 months time, just to keep on top of it and keep our couch looking newer for longer!

Fantastic Services also provide gardening, cleaning and other services, direct to your door, so I’m intrigued to try some of these out as we progress through our renovation.

Have you got a piece of furniture you want to restore to it’s former glory? Want to try out Fantastic Services for yourself?

The lovely guys at Fantastic Services have given a special discount just for HollyGoesLightly readers. Use code: “Holly10” for £10 off your first service with Fantastic Services.

T&Cs10 GBP OFF the first service. Minimum charges apply. Cannot be combined with other offers and discounts. Does not apply for regular domestic cleaning and Christmas services. Valid for online and app bookings. Subject to availability and area coverage.


This post was written in collaboration with Fantastic Services and we were gifted their couch cleaning service to try out. But like with everything on my blog, I wouldn’t write about it or recommend it if I didn’t genuinely mean it!