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Date Night Australasia

Being parents and owners of our own businesses, a date night is a rarity in our household these days. But we try to get out as a couple as much as we can and have some “together” time…cheesey I know. It helps that we’re both foodies and drinkies (is that a word?), and one of our favourite haunts in the city centre is Australasia, so that’s where we went for a recent evening out.

Date Night Australasia

I can, hands down, demolish the entire menu at Australasia, but I do try to exercise some restraint. There’s two ways to eat there – the usual, starter – main – dessert, or a tapas style series of small plates. This time round we shared two small plates, then a big plate each…then a dessert…each. Continue reading

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Dream Magnum this Christmas

I’m finally feeling festive and this weekend we went for a lovely stroll on a cold Winter’s day and came back with a huge Christmas tree. We had agreed a small one would be best this year and somehow came back with one standing tall at over 7 feet. Well, when that festive cheer grabs you, you can’t resist can you?

When I’m feeling festive, I think about all the things I love…my family, my friends, my home…and naturally this quickly turns into thoughts of all the foods I love (naturally). So whilst I was decorating our new tree and dreaming of a white Christmas, I was also dreaming of a white Magnum. See what I did there? 🙂Continue reading