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Date Night Australasia

Being parents and owners of our own businesses, a date night is a rarity in our household these days. But we try to get out as a couple as much as we can and have some “together” time…cheesey I know. It helps that we’re both foodies and drinkies (is that a word?), and one of our favourite haunts in the city centre is Australasia, so that’s where we went for a recent evening out.

Date Night Australasia

I can, hands down, demolish the entire menu at Australasia, but I do try to exercise some restraint. There’s two ways to eat there – the usual, starter – main – dessert, or a tapas style series of small plates. This time round we shared two small plates, then a big plate each…then a dessert…each. Continue reading

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Lunch at Evelyn’s Manchester

As you know, I love to discover new places to eat and although Evelyn’s Manchester has been around for a little while, I haven’t made it in until recently. I’m so glad we decided to have lunch there, as we were blown away by the stunning interior of the restaurant, as well as the incredibly tasty and original menu. Continue reading

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Dream Magnum this Christmas

I’m finally feeling festive and this weekend we went for a lovely stroll on a cold Winter’s day and came back with a huge Christmas tree. We had agreed a small one would be best this year and somehow came back with one standing tall at over 7 feet. Well, when that festive cheer grabs you, you can’t resist can you?

When I’m feeling festive, I think about all the things I love…my family, my friends, my home…and naturally this quickly turns into thoughts of all the foods I love (naturally). So whilst I was decorating our new tree and dreaming of a white Christmas, I was also dreaming of a white Magnum. See what I did there? 🙂Continue reading