One of my favourite blogs of the moment is the wonderful A Beautiful Mess. It’s packed full of lifestyle goodies: recipes, home, photography and other bits and bobs. Their website is visually stunning and both authors (Elsie & Emma) happen to be totally gorgeous and effortlessly cool. I’d love to photograph them!

Their latest photographic post is the ’30-day self-portrait challenge’ which I am whole-heartedly getting involved with. Everyone loves a good excuse to take a selfie.

The idea, from what I can gather, is to take a different self-portrait each day, in different circumstances. This will give you varied lighting effects, composition and different results each day. It’ll also probably make you a little bit more creative with your selfies 🙂

You then post them via instagram or on your blog with #ABeautifulMess. Elsie & Emma will be keeping an eye and eventually will pick a few winners to get a copy of their latest book.

My self-portraits will be added here daily and also on my instagram account. So please follow-me and join in! #ABeautifulMess #HollyGoesLightly

So my 30-day challenge starts today!

Self-portrait No1

Making the most of the summer.


Self-portrait No2

After a hard day’s work.

30 day self portrait challenge no2

Self-portrait No3

Feeling hot and lying by the window – natural light.

30 day self portrait challenge no 3

Self-portrait No4

Strategic finger-blocking-the-lense shot.


Self-portrait No5

Elevator mirror – on my way home from the Vintage Market.


Self-portrait No6

Pensive at lunch-time.


Self-portrait No7

Dishevelled after a long and muggy day!

30 day self portrait challenge no 7

Self-portrait No8

It’s my birthday!


Self-portrait No9

Waking up in the morning sun.

30 day self portrait challenge no9

Self-portrait No10

Reflections in an elevator mirror.

30-day self-portrait challenge No10

Self-portrait No11

Looking into the canal at Castlefield, Manchester.

30 day self portrait challenge no11

Self-portrait No12

Beautiful tiles at The Orangery, Lyme Park.

30 day self portrait challenge no12

Self-portrait No13

Hiding behind my belated birthday flowers.

30 day self-portrait challenge no13

Self-portrait No14

Kisses from Bobbi.

30 day self portrait challenge no14

Self-portrait No15

A red filter.

30-day self-portrait challenge no15

Self-portrait No16

Hubby being serious as usual!

30-day self-portrait challenge no16

Self-portrait No17

New morning, new hair! (No make-up!)

30 day self portrait challenge no17

Self-portrait No18

Ready for bed – love my duvet.


Self-portrait No19

Post-work chilling with my puppy – can you spot her leg?

30 day self-portrait challenge no19

So I’m two-thirds of the way through the 30-day self-portrait challenge, which I found on the A Beautiful Mess blog. I’ve got to admit, it’s been tougher than I thought, as trying to think of a way to photograph yourself everyday is tricky. It also feels mildly vain. But it’s a great way to learn how to use your camera and filters and to think outside of the box. It has made me more observant of things around me, looking at reflections and the way light hits off certain objects at different times of the day. It’s also made me think about how just a snap-shot can portray a moment in someone’s life, a feeling or an experience. It’s nice to share that.

So here’s the last 10 of my self-portraits…

Self-portrait No20

My reflection in the window – feels almost ghostly.

30-day self-portrait challenge no20

Self-portrait No21

After I was part of the Guinness World Record-breaking ale tasting!

30 day self portrait challenge no21

Self-portrait No22

My first proper workout since pre-wedding – feeling proud!

30 day self-portrait challenge no22

Self-portrait No23

Dolled-up for Kirsty’s Hen do in Manchester – woop woop!

30-day self-portrait challenge no23

Self-portrait No24

And back from said night out! Feeling not too shabby.

30-day self-portrait challenge no24

Self-portrait No25

A special gift from a special lady who now resides down-under. Miss you Croaky!

30 day self-portrait challenge no25

Self-portrait No26

Experimenting with boho-chic for a photo shoot I’ve got coming up. Watch this space!

30 day self-portrait challenge no26

Self-portrait No27

Drifting off into a little snooze in the early-evening light.

30-day self-portrait challenge no27

Self-portrait No28

Reflections…in more ways than one!

30-day self-portrait challenge no28

Self-portrait No29

Windows to the soul.

30-day self-portrait challenge no29

Self-portrait No30

The final one – in a very special place.

30-day self-portrait challenge no30

And there’s the 30 self-portraits – and it wasn’t easy! Sounds ridiculous…how hard can it be to take a selfie?! Well pretty damn hard if you’re trying to get something different each time.

I found it tricky to be creative with angles and lighting and not just getting a standard face-shot each time. Of course Instagram helps as you can instantly add filters to give a different effect, but it was more about the composition of the shot for me. I’d say my personal favourites are nos: 1, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12 and 28. I think these photos managed to achieve something slightly out of the ordinary in terms of your every day selfie.

The last image means a lot to me as it’s taken in my parents house, the house where I grew up and formed most of my most significant memories (including my wedding day), so that’ll hold a special place in my heart.

So there you have it – my 30-day self-portrait challenge – done!

Did anyone else do it? Post your blog, instagram or website so I can take a look.