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2013 A year in instagram photos

After one of the busiest years of my life,  full of life-changing and momentous occasions, I’m ready for a couple of weeks off and for the New Year to come. Here’s my post on 2013, a year in instagram photos…

First things first, I got to spend the entire year, with my favouritest person in the whole wide world, my best friend and now my husband (ahhhh)…

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Just because – photography part 3

Continuing my series of photography posts – photos that I like just because – are these 2 wonderful images of our puppy dressed up. 🙂 Needed something silly for a Friday afternoon.

If your pets can’t be the source of endless and silly amusement…then what are they for!? I jest of course and no Bobbi was hurt during the making of these photos!Continue reading

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30-day Self-Portrait Challenge: #ABeautifulMess

One of my favourite blogs of the moment is the wonderful A Beautiful Mess. It’s packed full of lifestyle goodies: recipes, home, photography and other bits and bobs. Their website is visually stunning and both authors (Elsie & Emma) happen to be totally gorgeous and effortlessly cool. I’d love to photograph them!

Their latest photographic post is the ’30-day self-portrait challenge’ which I am whole-heartedly getting involved with. Everyone loves a good excuse to take a selfie.

The idea, from what I can gather, is to take a different self-portrait each day, in different circumstances. This will give you varied lighting effects, composition and different results each day. It’ll also probably make you a little bit more creative with your selfies 🙂

You then post them via instagram or on your blog with #ABeautifulMess. Elsie & Emma will be keeping an eye and eventually will pick a few winners to get a copy of their latest book.

My self-portraits will be added here daily and also on my instagram account. So please follow-me and join in! #ABeautifulMess #HollyGoesLightly

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