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Spring is finally here!

Doesn’t it finally feel like the weather has taken a turn for the better? Like we’re finally in Spring and not far away from Summer?

What a difference the sunshine makes to my general mood, energy levels and motivation. Does it for you? I’m sure if England had a guaranteed 4 to 5 months of sunshine, we’d all be a lot happier and productive.

This Sunday just gone was such a lovely sunny day and I pretty much leaped out of bed (a rarity I can assure you!), happily pottered around the house, making breakfast and then headed out with the family on a big walk across the local meadows.  Ah I love mornings like that.Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

So today is the day of love. Or if you don’t have a significant other, I’ve always felt that Valentine’s Day should be a day for you, a day to pamper yourself and enjoy a bit of “me time”.

If nothing else, for me, Valentine’s Day always gets me thinking about the people that I love in life, not just my husband, but my family and friends. The people that always cheer me up when I’m feeling low, the people that give the best hugs right when I need them and the people that I know will always be there for me, no matter what.

So I hope you’re enjoying this special day, be it alone or with your significant other. Tuck into some choccies, perhaps a glass of wine, curl up on the sofa and chillax. I know I will be.

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?



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Maternity Photoshoot

I’ve been thinking back to my pregnancy a lot lately, maybe it’s because I’ve nearly forgotten the trauma of childbirth ha!

I made it my mission to document my pregnancy lots through photography, both personal and professional. I knew I’d want to look back and remember exactly how I looked, how my body changed and adapted to grow another little human being. I have never felt so proud of my body for what it coped with during pregnancy…our bodies are truly remarkable and well designed for such a task.

My lovely friend and photographer, Emmylou Kelly, was kind enough to take some photos of me, hubby and bump during the latter stages of my pregnancy. These were taken at the end of June last summer, so I would have been approximately 35 weeks pregnant. Continue reading