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How to get 5000 followers on Instagram

Following on from my post about why getting 5000 followers on instagram was important to me, I thought that a post about how to get 5000 followers on instagram might be of interest to you all.

Disclaimer: this is not a “quick-fix’ option. This is not about being disingenuous. This is a post that may help you fellow content-creators out there, who are stuck in a rut and suffering the effects of the algorithm. This post is aimed at those who are genuinely working hard to get their sh*t seen and want to reach a larger audience to share their content. These are also tips based on my experience of the industry, my personal growth and knowledge of instagram. 

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a year in instagram 2015 hollygoeslightly summer
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A Year in Instagram 2015

Perhaps a tad late in sharing this, but it’s still January, so I think I can get away with it.

For anyone who doesn’t follow me on instagram, here’s a snapshot of the last year in photos. As you’ll see, there’s been a fair few significant changes in my life over the last year, the biggest one was giving birth to our first child. The best thing ever!

I still managed to sneak in a couple of holidays, a few outings and lots of eating and I’ll continue to do so in 2016.Continue reading