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in Wedding

New Covent Garden Market – picking our wedding flowers

The New Covent Garden Market is THE most awesome, inspiring and vibrant place. I can’t believe I’d never been before!

My incredibly talented friend and florist Pascal Gabory, kindly offered to be the florist for our wedding, which was great as I trust him immensely and have seen his work over the years and have never been disappointed. It also meant that I knew I’d get just want we wanted and that he’d totally get it. I had the added bonus of being able to go along with him to help choose our flowers and daddy came too. So off we went to choose our wedding flowers.

It was a sunny morning, 2 days before the wedding when we arrived New Covent Garden Market. I had a spring in my step as I was back in London, excited for the days ahead and the sun was positively shining. As soon as we walked in, I was happy. There were rows and rows of gorgeous, vibrant flowers just waiting to be picked for our wedding. I knew we wanted our flowers to be natural, spring-like with lots of creams, ivories, greens and blues. So where to start…

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in Travel

A trip to the Victoria Baths Manchester

The Victoria Baths opened in Manchester in 1906 as a fully functioning place for people to meet, swim and work-out. It was the original leisure centre. It closed after 87 years and now is under-going restoration and a revitalised events calendar to bring it back to its former glory.

It’s a truly stunning building and it didn’t surprise me one bit when I found out they now host weddings, parties and other events there as it’s packed full of period features and history oozes out of every tile. Can you believe you can have your wedding reception in one of the swimming baths!? Ultra cool. They’ve accented the history of the building with vintage touches like the ‘Well Loved’ sign hanging from the viewing balcony and has that feel that lots of brides and grooms out there are loving…perfect for a vintage or DIY wedding.

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in Lifestyle Photography

Just because – photography part 1

Every now and then I will post things on this blog just because…

Just because I like them, they make me smile, they make me happy, they intrigue me, I think they’re pretty, I think they’re cool…You get the drift.

It will be a series of photography posts, taken by moi.

Here’s a ‘just because’ that are photos I’ve taken on honeymoon with my hubby Richard Wood (isn’t he handsome!)…

just because we're in Italy

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