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in Wedding

Our Engagement Photoshoot by Emma Case Photography

So following-on from my Engagement in NYC post, it’s only natural to tell you about our Engagement Photoshoot with the wonderful Emma Case.

Having met Emma when I worked as a Wedding Planner, I instantly warmed to her (it’s hard not to) and her photos were the best I’d seen of the venue I was based at. So when it came to planning my own wedding, our Wedding Photography was one of the first decisions we made and we even set our wedding date according to Emma’s availability (don’t tell her that!).

Emma has a fabulous, recognisable style that we felt suited our personalities and the style of wedding we wanted. I knew hubby would agree, and after a 30-min skype session with Emma and her partner in crime Pete, we were smitten and extremely excited about our future wedding photos.

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in Wedding

Our Engagement in New York City

So I haven’t spoken much about about my Wedding on here yet and I think it’s only natural that I share the story with you, as it’s part of my life and the person that I am. Also I’m mad about all things Wedding related (even though I’m now married myself) – I can’t get enough of them (although not in the sense that I plan to have any more).

So I should probably take you back to the big engagement in New York City!

A bit of history: me and hubby met at uni and were friends-of-friends for years. We eventually realised we were completely meant for each other and started seeing each other after our final year. I knew it was right from word go, and the rest as they say, is history. 4 years on and we’re happily married.

So on to the engagement (get settled, it’s a big one!)…

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in Lifestyle

An Evening of Hospitality at the 20/20 Cricket, Old Trafford

So last Wednesday, my hubby and I were lucky enough to be whisked off for a corporate evening of 20/20 cricket and hospitality at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground. It happened to be my birthday too, so things worked out nicely.

Having never been to a professional cricket match before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I went with an open-mind and my best dress on.

We were being hosted by a lovely group of gents, who welcomed us with open arms and an open bar. There was a fab buffet of grilled chicken, vegetable lasagne, roast potatoes and other goodies. Also cheese-boards and the most divine raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. We certainly didn’t go hungry.

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