weblogmcr workshop manchester

So last weekend I was being true to my #mumboss title and work work working my behind-off, at our 2nd WeBlogMCR workshop of the year. I’m happy to say it was a great success and has left me fired-up to put on more events, workshops and meet-ups…

WeBlogMCR Workshop

WeBlogMCR Workshop Manchester from Holly Wood on Vimeo.

Working with PR agencies and brands

This WeBlogMCR workshop focused on 3 things:

  • Working with PR agencies and brands (which Fiona from I-COM and blogger at Greedy Sisters talked us through)
  • Photo styling and blog photography (professional Photographer Georgie Glass taught us actually how to use our DSLRs! Check out her blog Ginseng & Thyme for absolute photo lust).
  • Ways to earn money and diversify your income through blogging and social media (SpamellaB helped me lead this one).

weblogmcr workshop manchester bloggers learning weblogmcr workshop manchester bloggers

I have to say, it was a wonderful bunch of about 20 bloggers from Manchester and the North-West and it reaffirmed the exact reason that I created #WeBlogMCR – I left as inspired as the attendees did and fired-up to make my blog bigger and better.

The photo styling session was great and I had to be the host, organiser, social media and pupil as Georgie was covering lots of things that I wanted to learn. It was great actually having my DSLR, talking through the shots as I took them and why they didn’t look how I wanted, whilst Georgie explained about “bracketing” my work to see how adjusting the settings make a difference to the results. It really helped! I mean look at the title image of this blog post…I think that looks well profesh!

weblogmcr workshop manchester photographerweblogmcr workshop manchester styling weblogmcr workshop manchester iphone

What they thought

Feedback has been great and I’m buzzing, full of ideas for future events and some summer networking events with a difference…can’t wait to launch them! And of course there’s the Northern Blog Awards which’ll be coming later this year.

So I’m busy busy busy – but I can feel the momentum building and it makes all this hard work and time worthwhile. People assume that blogging is easy. They don’t see the hours that go into this and they think that the events I host are fun and easy-peasy…they don’t see the hours and hours of planning and prep and promotion. So sometimes I ask myself why I’m doing it and is it all worth it? But I’m here to say…hell yeah it is!

Thanks to all the awesome WeBloggers and everyone who has subscribed to be a part of this growing bloggers collective.

Here’s to the next one!