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Wagamama Vegan Menu Review – Printworks, Manchester

Let me start this post by saying that I am not a vegan. I was a vegetarian for a long time, so my meat intake is fairly low and like many people these days, I’m considering my personal impact/footprint on the world, so trying to live a more balanced and thoughtful life. I’m a foodie and love this wave of vegan interest, as it means brands and restaurants are seriously upping their game and coming out with flavourful alternatives. A far cry from 15 years ago, when I was a veggie and at best I’d get offered a tomato pasta bake and generally lived off of Lynda Mcartney sausages during my teenage years. So when The Printworks Manchester invited me and a few of the WeBlogNorth gals to try out the new Wagamama Vegan Menu, as part of #Veganuary, I jumped at the chance because a) I love Wagamama and frequent there often and b) I always glance at the vegan menu but am worried I’ll be left disappointed…

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Wagamama Trafford Centre – VIP Preview Lunch

Last month, hubby, the little one and I were lucky enough to get an exclusive VIP sneak preview of Wagamama’s largest restaurant, opening at the Trafford Centre. Wagamama is easily one of my favourite places to eat (I still remember my first ever visit to their restaurant in Kensington when they first opened), so I jumped at the chance.

When approaching the restaurant, it looks modern and chic and it’s only when you walk in, that you realise how big it is. It’s a tardis, with 295 seats across two floors, the trademark open kitchen spanning the length of the ground floor and a new feature…you can sit and eat at the kitchen and watch the chefs hard at work.Continue reading