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Ox Pasture Hall Hotel – A weekend away for foodies

If you follow the blog or my insta-stories, you’ll know we’ve been ┬ámaking the most of UK travel lately, with short getaways. With a toddler, a dog and our own businesses to juggle, big long-haul holidays are not quite as easy as they once were. And with a renovation going on, we’ve needed a bit of time to recoup and spend some time together as a family.

So our recent trip to Yorkshire, was just that…it was time for just me and hubby to enjoy each other’s company and have some time away from all the stresses of everyday life.

Yorkshire is only a couple of hours away in the car from Manchester, so ideal for a day or two away – perfect for an overnight stop! We wanted to see the coast, so headed towards Whitby, staying about 20 minutes away in Ox Pasture Hall HotelContinue reading

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Short on Time, Long on Friendship: Yachting Group Travel

Every now and then I write a wanderlust post, about somewhere I want to travel to and something I want to experience. This is one of those posts! Not being the most adventurous of people (I much prefer extreme shopping, to extreme white-water rafting for example), I tend to be fairly “standard” in my travel choices…ie. a flight, hotel and occasional spa visit.

But something I’d love to do, but have never done before (and I know the hubby would enjoy immensely), is staying on a yacht…and even better, doing it with a group of friends…Continue reading

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Why I can’t wait to visit Rome

If you follow this blog or my instagram, you’ll know how much I love the Italian way of life. The food, the culture, the rolling vineyards, the history – everything about it seems to be the idyllic lifestyle. This may be a little romanticised, yes, but the time I’ve spent there in recent years, has given me some of the most unforgettable memories. Plus, it’s made me want to explore the rest of country on future visits…Continue reading