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my weight loss and fitness journey before and after hollygoeslightly
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My Weight loss and Fitness Journey – Before and After

So I’m sitting here, a year after I started my weight loss and fitness journey, and I mean properly started it, reflecting on how it’s actually gone. I mean, it’s that time of year where we all make and see a lot of new year’s resolutions, we probably all re-join the gym or sign-up to a new weight loss scheme… but how long does it ever actually last? Do we ever really see the results?

Well, if you want to see the results from a real, 30-something mum, who had a chat with herself about a year ago, then keep reading…

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my slimming world journey
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My Slimming World Journey

So anyone who’s followed my blog for a while will know I’ve been a Slimming World member for about 5-6 years now?! (WTF!!). I’ve joined 6 times I think and I’ve never actually reached target…you’d think I’d be an expert by now! But in that time, I’ve been happy, depressed, pregnant, breast-feeding and now a freelancing mum and somehow I’ve still managed to loose weight and I’m at last very close to my target weight. So I thought it might be time to reflect again on my slimming world journey and give myself a little kick up the bottom…Continue reading

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The Return of Slimming World

Those of you who have followed my journey on this blog, will know that I’ve dabbled with dieting and reaching my ideal weight has been an on-going task for me.

Since my wedding (over 3 years ago), I’ve not been at my personal ideal weight. I’ve let the lbs creep on slowly but surely, started to avoid having my photo taken quite so much and deluded myself into thinking that the shops had changed their sizing structure and really I wasn’t that dress size, it was just the shop that sized their clothing wrongly.Continue reading