my pregnancy cravings
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My Pregnancy Cravings

As I’ve been taking you through my pregnancy journey on here, looking back at that amazing, life-changing and body-altering experience – I’ve been recalling the wonders of pregnancy, including my pregnancy cravings.

Being a foodie, I totally lost my mojo during the first trimester, when I suffered with nausea (or morning sickness as it’s commonly known) and couldn’t really enjoy anything I ate. I wanted plain, carby foods, that was it!

But when my mojo came back, I found my pregnancy cravings kicked-in too…Continue reading

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Postnatal Home Workouts You Can Actually Do – Part 3

Ok so if you’ve missed part 1 and part 2 of this series then…where have you been?! I’m focusing on working-out when it seems impossible (well it did for me anyway!), after giving birth! I’ve teamed-up with personal trainer Vicki Mellard, who has a wonderful ethos about feeling good about ourselves and has trained in pre and postnatal fitness…

I explained to Vicki that there’s a lot of pressure on new mums to look good and “bounce-back” to their pre-pregnancy body immediately. There’s also absolutely zero time to do anything about it when you’re a new mum as chances are you’re entirely absorbed in this new life you’ve created and working-out exactly what it means to be a parent!

I told Vicki that although I was aware that, after 19 months, I still wasn’t at my goal weight, that my focus was much more on feeling good and getting fit so I had plenty of energy to be a mum to a non-stop-toddler.

And finally, I explained to Vicki that between being a mum, working and managing a house renovation, I simply didn’t have a spare moment in my diary (or penny to spend) to get out to the gym. And guess what? Vicki explained to me that I could make a start and some good progress at home, with nothing but a bit of floor space, a chair and an exercise band. I’m in!Continue reading

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First Trimester Morning Sickness

I hear that some ladies are lucky enough not to experience nausea during their pregnancy. However I’m sure that the majority (including me), do!

My personal experience was nausea from about Week 7 through to Week 12. And it certainly isn’t “morning sickness”, it’s “all day every day, hit you any time, anywhere sickness”. I had an almost constant feeling of wishy-washy nausea, but never actually threw up. I guess I was lucky, as I know a lot of women vomit a lot, causing dehydration and weight-loss. I however, just constantly felt off-colour, for about 80% of the time that I was awake, occasionally wretched here and there, but never vomited…Continue reading