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What Does Family Mean to You?

In this festive season, we probably think about family more then any other time of year. I know I do. It’s the time of year when the importance of loved ones and a together family is in focus and it’s a time for reflection.

I count myself extremely lucky, having the most wonderful little family, that hopefully one day we will grow. But when you have a child, there’s no getting away from the responsibility you are suddenly endowed with – the responsibility to look after another human being and the responsibility to provide for them in the best possible way you can. That’s what family means to me.Continue reading

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Where to take your toddler – Chester Zoo

If you’re thinking of what to do with your toddler (or children or indeed adults) this weekend and half term in Greater Manchester, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to Chester Zoo.

We went last weekend and had a blast. Embarrassingly, after 6 years up north, it was our first time to the zoo and I wasn’t sure whether at 14 months, Flo would take it all in. But she LOVED it. Continue reading

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Maternity Photoshoot in the Woods

So with my little girl turning one this week, I’ve been totes emosh (!) and reminiscing a lot about the whole experience of motherhood so far.

It’s staggering to think that it’s over a year ago now that I was pregnant, carrying her inside me and that she’s been around longer now than I carried her around for. Mind-blowing.

I’m so glad that when I was pregnant, I took the opportunity to have a maternity photoshoot and to document the whole process as much as possible. I think it’s so easy to forget these moments and I know already, I struggle to remember what it felt like to be pregnant and have that ever-so-special bump. Continue reading