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Bathroom Redesign – Progress

We’ve been working on doing-up our Victorian Terraced house slowly but surely since we bought it 6 months ago and one of our main priorities was the bathroom redesign.

We adore our house and everything is well-scaled and decently sized…except the bathroom – which was bloody tiny! It was at the top of the stairs, in a small cupboard room off to the right and literally was big enough to stand up in and nothing much else. There was a bath, with shower over, a toilet which was pushed right up to the bath (so your legs would be touching the bath when you sat down on it) and then a sink right next to that. No room to get changed in there or have any storage. Continue reading

hollygoeslightly kitchen redesign
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Kitchen Redesign – House and Home Series – Part 2

Continuing the House and Home Series, we’re concentrating on our kitchen redesign at the moment.

Although we had a decent sized kitchen in our last apartment, it opened onto the lounge, so didn’t feel like its own space. It was also purpose built for the apartments and didn’t really have any character. So when we bought this house, we were very excited about having a separate kitchen and although not huge, it’s a great size for a house of this type and plenty of room to do what we want. As we have a separate dining room, we also don’t have to worry about fitting a table in the kitchen itself. Continue reading

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How to get Home Inspiration – House and Home Series – Part 1

Those of you that read my blog regularly will know that we’ve recently moved into a new home – our first proper house! I’m therefore full to the brim with ideas and inspiration of all the things that I want to do to make it perfect and special and wow.

So I’m going to introduce a series of blog posts called House and Home, focussing on our plans and development of our new home over the coming months. There will be before and after shots, design inspirations and general thoughts and tips on how to get through it all. After all, it’s quite a daunting prospect and unless you have bottomless pockets, you want to get it right! For most of us, our house is the biggest purchase and investment of our lives, so we have to ensure the right amount of planning goes into our projects.

So welcome to my House and Home series – Part 1…Continue reading