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The Silver Cross Teddy Bear

Thinking of something to get your little one this Christmas? Perhaps it’s your bubba’s first Christmas like ours? Well I’m a firm believer that babies can’t have too many teddy bears and the Silver Cross Teddy Bear is a seriously cute one!

We have the Silver Cross Surf Travel System (limited edition Eton Grey – you can see it on my instagram) which we love. I always wanted a Silver Cross pram as I feel it’s a quintessential British brand and I love their designs and the quality. What I didn’t realise was that Silver Cross also make other products, including toys and Teddy Bears!Continue reading

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Baby Mori – A chic subscription box for your baby

Naturally, with our 1st baby on the way, I’ve indulged in a little shopping in the lead-up to the arrival of our bundle of joy. One of the first brands I came across and instantly fell in love with, was Baby Mori – a subscription box, that sends you bits for your bubba every 6 weeks.

Who doesn’t love receiving a subscription box through the mail, full of surprises? It’s like receiving a present every 6 weeks (you almost forget you pay for it!). And the good news is, you can sign-up before you’ve given birth, even if you don’t know the gender of your little one and receive things in preparation. This is what I did.Continue reading

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The comfiest post pregnancy nightwear

So the wintery nights are definitely upon us and I’m finding that with it being dark outside at 5pm, chilly and with a young baby, I’m often in my pyjamas by 6pm!

Since having a baby, I’ve realised how important it is to feel comfortable and to make the most of those relaxing moments in front of the telly. So I like to indulge myself with a warm mug of hot chocolate, a good Netflix series and my Blackspade pyjamas.

Continue reading