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Maternity Photoshoot

I’ve been thinking back to my pregnancy a lot lately, maybe it’s because I’ve nearly forgotten the trauma of childbirth ha!

I made it my mission to document my pregnancy lots through photography, both personal and professional. I knew I’d want to look back and remember exactly how I looked, how my body changed and adapted to grow another little human being. I have never felt so proud of my body for what it coped with during pregnancy…our bodies are truly remarkable and well designed for such a task.

My lovely friend and photographer, Emmylou Kelly, was kind enough to take some photos of me, hubby and bump during the latter stages of my pregnancy. These were taken at the end of June last summer, so I would have been approximately 35 weeks pregnant. Continue reading

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Baby At Tiffany’s – My Baby Shower

This is a bit of a flashback to last Summer, when I was fairly heavily pregnant and two of my bestest friends in the world, threw me a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed Baby Shower, at the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester.

It was a Saturday in June and the sun was shining. My friend and hair stylist, Vic, did my hair in an Audrey Hepburn-esque beehive and I put on my stunning Tiffany Rose lace dress. (A highly appropriate designer for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed event I thought!). Continue reading

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Baby’s First Christmas Bauble

With the little lady’s first Christmas coming-up, we wanted to buy a keepsake for her, that she’d be able to bring out every Christmas, for years to come. So we opted for a Christmas Bauble to decorate the tree with.

Our tree is fairly simplistic in its decoration, with silvers, whites, turquoise, glitter and crystals. So we thought we’d look for something in keeping with that (and so that it’d go with any style of tree that we decorate in the future). I love a good bit of internet shopping and the inter-web saved the day again! I stumbled across the wonderful Studio Seed – Boutique Paperie and saw that they do a personalised selection of Christmas Baubles…yes! (A little birdy told me they’ve even done one for the Royals…oooh!).Continue reading