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Throwback Thursday Pregnancy Bump

I don’t always remember to do these throwbacks, but it’s nice sometimes to reflect isn’t it? So I’m jumping on the throwback Thursday bandwagon and sharing some images from the past…

In this digital age, where we all take photos on our phones and upload them to Facebook, we don’t always look back do we? We don’t have photo-albums to pull off the shelf and flick through, in the way we used to (well I actually have made a point of printing photos of our little girl now and making proper real albums out of them!) and holding a real photo, something tangible, seems quite rare.

So throwback Thursday is a nice reminder to actually sift through all those photos on your computer and pull out some of your faves. So that’s what I’m doing today…Continue reading

Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District
Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District
Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District
Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District
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Lifestyle Maternity Photoshoot Peak District

I am so excited to finally be kick-starting a new series on my blog – Lifestyle Photography. This series will be a collection of lifestyle photoshoots, including: maternity (or bump) shoots, newborn shoots and family shoots. Why? Because I love photography and I love the informality and honesty of a lifestyle photoshoot. I like looking at ordinary people, living their lives and capturing special memories on camera. I hope you do too.

I’m honoured to be able to share¬†photoshoots from other couples and families…a sneak peak into their lives for a moment. Eek! Here we go…Continue reading

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What Does Family Mean to You?

In this festive season, we probably think about family more then any other time of year. I know I do. It’s the time of year when the importance of loved ones and a together family is in focus and it’s a time for reflection.

I count myself extremely lucky, having the most wonderful little family, that hopefully one day we will grow. But when you have a child, there’s no getting away from the responsibility you are suddenly endowed with – the responsibility to look after another human being and the responsibility to provide for them in the best possible way you can. That’s what family means to me.Continue reading