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Continuing looking back at my diary from my pregnancy, this was how I was feeling pretty much two years ago to the day…Meeting new mums and mums-to-be, I think everyone asks the questions “How should I feel..” about their pregnancy. So I’m sharing mine, in case it helps anyone out there expecting their own. (I’m not preggers again!)…

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Week 21

Well this fortnight I’ve noticed that I’m energetic in the mornings, but struggling with long days and knackered in the afternoons.

During weeks 20-21 of my pregnancy, I’ve also noticed that I’m tossing and turning more in my sleep, so presuming I’m not as comfortable. I occasionally get slight stiffness or cramp in my hips, so have to keep moving and my Pregnancy Pillow is really coming in useful. I also find that sometimes, subconsciously, I go to stretch out in my sleep and when I do, my tummy cramps a bit so I have to stop myself. I’m guessing this is because the muscles are stretching etc, but it’s annoying when I’m half asleep and just fancy a good stretch!

My tummy is definitely growing and becoming more rounded. I find I’m wearing tighter tops to show this off, as looser tops just make me look frumpy and like I’ve eaten one too many pies. And why shouldn’t I show off my bump anyway?!

My boobs feel a bit itchy and I imagine this is because they’re growing, so I’ve been making sure to apply my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter everyday to keep them supple and moisturised and to hopefully avoid getting stretch-marks. I also apply this to my tummy.

I’m pretty sure I can feel the baby moving now – I get definite flutters in my stomach that I don’t think is just trapped-wind! It makes me think that perhaps I’ve been feeling it for a few weeks now and just thinking it was trapped-wind! Not quite sure, but feels a bit different – not at the stage that anyone else could feel though.
I’ve noticed my mind is overrun with thoughts, feelings and questions and I think I’m starting to get symptoms of “baby-brain”. I think this might be a sign that I need to start thinking about slowing down in the run up to the third trimester.

We’re going away for a much needed break next week and I’m bringing along some girlfriends too. I think it’s going to be our last proper getaway before we have a little one to think about, so I’m very excited. It’ll be nice to chill-out and relax too and just enjoy being pregnant and I’m planning to swim everyday. I think this is a good time to go away as I’m not too big and uncomfortable so travelling shouldn’t be too strenuous and I’ve still got some energy left in me.

my pregnancy weeks 20-21 dribbloblog

How did you feel around this half-way mark?


Weeks 22-23

I was lucky enough to be on holiday in Italy during weeks 22-23 of my pregnancy, which turned out to be much needed rest and relaxation!

My bump had a bit of a growth spurt and generally seems more rounded and full. People are definitely noticing now. It’s a nice feeling to have a proper bump. The baby must be moving around a lot and my belly is fuller some days, so I guess this is due to the positioning of the little one.

I’ve really noticed the aching and physical toll of pregnancy this week. Largely, I’ve been plodding along as normal and I think I need to start slowing down. We were quite active at the beginning of the holiday, walking lots and being on my feet and I was seriously knackered! So during week 23, I made a vow to slow down and let others look after me a bit more 🙂

The baby is fidgeting lots and I’m feeling kicks and punches very regularly and clearly everyday now. It’s such a lovely and reassuring feeling (even when it starts acrobatics when I’m trying to get to sleep). The weirdest and coolest thing that happened this week was me actually seeing the kicks/punches protrude from my belly for all to see. Such a strange sensation and the hubby was super shocked when he first saw it but it’s so nice that he can join in and feel it now too!

I’m looking forward to our 25 week midwife appointment, to check in and make sure everything seems normal etc.

How did you feel at this point? Did you notice more aches and pains?

Second trimester pregnancy bump week 22


Weeks 24-28

Weeks 24 to 28 of pregnancy has been a mixed bag really. It’s generally been fine but but I’m definitely starting to feel pregnant!

I’m super excited now and can’t wait to meet our little one and have about 3 months to go. My bump is growing, though I do seem to be smaller than some other mums-to-be and I’ve still only put on a few pounds, but I guess everyone is different. I just hope the little one is growing ok! I’ll be sure to ask the midwife as I’ll be measured this week for the first time so hopefully they’ll give me some guidance.

In week 25 I started to get what I think is pelvic girdle pain (also known as PGP) – again I’m going to ask the midwife this week. It seemed to come from nowhere and it’s becoming quite painful. It’s worse after I’ve been sat at work for a while or when I drive for instance and is quite painful when I then stand up or start walking. It feels like aching and pain in my pelvis and at the front top of my pubic bone. From what I’ve read on the internet, it doesn’t really go until you give birth, but you can manage the pain with restricting certain types of movements and light physio. I’m hoping that yoga will help and that it doesn’t become too painful over the next 3 months.

Otherwise, I’ve been sleeping well and have quite a lot of energy at the moment. I seem to wake up at about 7am every morning, even on the weekends, but as it’s light in the mornings, it’s not so bad. Think my hubby is surprised to be greeted with a “morning person” for once.

I went to my first pregnancy yoga class this week and I’m so glad I did. I found it really helpful and woke up the next morning feeling well rested. The class lasted 1.5 hours and was a good mix of stretching, yoga and meditation. It was really nice to meet other mums-to-be who live in the same area and see everyone’s bumps and find out how many weeks pregnant they are. The teacher also gave me options of how I could tweak the moves to not stress the pelvic girdle pain too.

I’m definitely getting into the nesting phase of pregnancy, where I just want to buy things and get on with the nursery. We have to wait a couple more weeks, as we are having some work done on the house, but am super excited to decorate and start putting together the nursery. It suddenly feels very real!

Hubby is super excited and enjoying the kicking from baby, which is stronger now and makes my tummy twitch quite a bit. Baby is also kicking my ribs too, which isn’t painful, but can be a bit uncomfortable at times.

Our 28 week antenatal appointment is this week, so will report back after that.

How did you feel at this stage in the second trimester of pregnancy?

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