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We’re all in lockdown, unable to leave the house, let alone travel the world. Our holidays have been cancelled, rearranged or are still in question. It’s uncertain times. But one thing that is certain, is the inevitable travel boom that will happen when lockdown is over! People are desperate to escape and explore the world again…hopefully with a renewed sense of appreciation… and this is why you should be thinking about your next holiday now…

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Why you should be thinking about your next holiday now

  1. It’s okay to have wanderlust. That guilt everyone felt when we initially went into lockdown has passed. It’s not inappropriate to talk about what you want to do when you get out of lockdown. It’s good to have dreams. It’s getting us through these tough times.
  2. This is going to be over. And when it is, the world is our oyster.
  3. Prices are likely to soar when everyone eventually gets the okay – so think about planning and getting your holidays booked as early as possible.
  4. Support tourism! Across the world, this is one of the industries that has suffered most and will need our support. Especially the smaller businesses, the family-run hotels, the independent travel agents. The ones that have managed to survive these tough times, will likely be hanging on by a thread. So will rely on you booking your holidays, pledging your support and planning ahead.
  5. Give yourself something positive to focus on. Be kind to yourself. Our mental health and mindset will have taken a battering this last couple of months and if holidays, travel and adventures make you happy. If having something to look forward to keeps you positive, then go for it!

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So thinking about your next holiday now? Here’s a few tips and ways that I can help you:

  1. Do your research. This goes without saying, before and after lockdown. You should always research potential holiday destinations, suitability for what you’re looking for and real-life reviews (though do also, take these with a pinch of salt)
  2. Book with someone you trust (like me – shameless plug #ad and all that!).
  3. Consider somewhere you might not have before – like I said earlier, we’ll all have a renewed sense of appreciation for travel, so why not try somewhere new and go on a real adventure?
  4. Make sure you have travel insurance. This is a necessity anyway, but if you used to #wingit you absolutely can’t going forward.
  5. Book add-ons to make your holiday even more special. Think excursions, boat-trips, romantic dinners on the beach etc. It’ll make your trip even more memorable!

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