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My First Birchbox

As I’m now entering my late twenties, I am conscious that I need to look after myself, my skin and my body. I’m also aware that my make-up routine (and requirements) have changed since my teens and early-twenties. But keeping up with the best products on the market is tough and personally I get a bit lost.

I generally rely on my slightly more glamorous and clued-up friends to tell me what I should be using and what the best products are. However I feel I need to stand on my own two feet and work things out for myself. And then I came across Birchbox, which seemed to be the answer to all my naive beauty questions.Continue reading

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A Pinks Boutique Power Massage at City Spa Escapes, Manchester

Arriving at Quay House, Spinningfields for a Pinks Boutique Power Massage at City Spa Escapes, you would be forgiven for thinking you’ve turned up at the wrong place. This is because City Spa Escapes is located on the 2nd floor of what is essentially an office building in the wonderful location that is Spinningfields. However, as soon as you enter the spa, you lose all sense of that. There are 2 treatment rooms, both comfortable, warm and inviting, kitted-out with everything needed to provide a relaxing spa treatment.

I had opted for the Pinks Boutique Power Massage which promises a massage combining Eastern and Western techniques. It aims to soothe and relax aching muscles as well as cleansing your body and soul. A combination much needed for me a the moment! I’m in!

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