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Link Loveliness – awesome stuff that’s inspired me this week

What a weekend it’s been (a long one for me)! With 4 days in London, a stroll down Portobello Market, a weekend of The Blogcademy (more on that later) and lots of changes – I’m pretty exhausted and feel like I need a week off!

But I am feeling inspired…incredibly inspired in fact.!

I want to stay this way, hold onto it, bottle it up. I want to be inspired by all things around me, absorb everything and turn everything into something.

Here are some of the things on the web that have inspired me this week…

  • First and foremost, these 3 lovely ladies inspired me over 2 days of blogging-awesomeness (yes that is a word!). They were intelligent, fun, sassy and f-ing “rad” (new word, courtesy of Gala)…Thank you Headmistresses Gala Darling, Kat Williams and Shauna Haider.
  • Stumbled across this great blog about 2 friends embarking on a new way of dating…I was hooked immediately – 40 days of dating
  • I love pretty much everything these 2 sassy ladies have to say, but particularly follow their photography posts. This one is particularly helpful!
  • Having issues with your finances like I have been recently (eek!)? Well guess what, sorting them out can be sexy! apparently!
  • Of course I needed to have a food one on here. I’ve been trying to get re-inspired in the kitchen and this site has helped tons.
  • Fellow blogger love goes out to The Londoner – her enviable travels and great food reviews, supported by some excellent photography, are a daily read for me.

So that’s the first in what is to become a regular feature of Link Loveliness. I think it’s important to keep track of what’s inspiring you and things you find, so it doesn’t pass you by too quickly.

What’s been inspiring you this week?Continue reading

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No Pain No Gain – A Guide to Temple Spa anti-celullite

I’m trying a Temple Spa regime of ‘Go Figure’, ‘Giving it the brush off’ and ‘No pain No gain’.

My main “problem areas” are the backs of my thighs and my bottom. There’s definitely plenty of room to reduce the cellulite in these locations! I’ve only dared to bare recently on my honeymoon, where I felt anonymous enough in Italy and entirely content following the wedding. I followed a regime in the weeks leading up to my wedding and honeymoon and I’m going to continue following it again.

The wonderful Rachel Jebson of Temple Spa spotted me talking about my Bridal Body regime on my blog via Twitter months ago and mentioned some products that would help me along my way, if used in a routine and accompanied with a balanced diet and exercise regime. So I went online, purchased the recommended products and set off to achieve the cellulite-free body of my dreams.Continue reading

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Notting Hill Carnival – dancing and rum at the Good Times Bus

So this time last week I was dancing in the streets along with hundreds of thousands of other people, at the Notting Hill Carnival. What a day it was. As it does every year right on cue, the sun was shining and spirits were high.

Surprisingly although being on my doorstep all my life, I hadn’t been to the carnival since I was a kid. Having had a bad reputation for years, I’d avoided it and often went out of town for the August bank holiday instead. But having lived in Manchester for nearly 2 years now and with my folks moving out of my childhood home soon, it felt right to go back to my roots and spend my bank holiday Sunday at the Notting Hill Carnival.Continue reading