hollygoeslightly is back

Did you know that I started blogging about 13 years ago and that HollyGoesLightly blog has been going for over 8 years? This is the 527th post (apparently) and after a bit of a blogging hiatus due to lockdown/pandemic/homeschooling, it’s back! My lifestyle and travel blog will be undergoing a bit of a revamp… nothing drastic, just a bit more focus!

hollygoeslightly is back

A lifestyle and travel blog

I’ll be honest with you, when I started blogging all those years ago, there weren’t that many lifestyle bloggers – so it was fairly easy to carve myself a space here on the internet and even on the gram. Lifestyle content was appealing and it encompassed a great many things… thats what I loved it!

BUT, as time has gone on, bloggers are now prolific and instagram has an algorithm that the very few seem to crack, lifestyle can sometimes feel a bit watered-down. But I’m yet to find a better term that encapsulates all the stuff that floats my boat – fashion, interiors, food, eating-out, general cool stuff! 

So I decided that the “lifestyle” part of “lifestyle and travel blog” is here to stay, like it not.

What about the travel blog?

Anyone who knows me or who’s hung around here before, will know that I love to travel! We have family in Tuscany, Italy, so head there at least once a year (pre-pandemic) and we are lovers of a good ol’ staycation and weekend away in the UK too.

An integral part of HollyGoesLightly has always been the travel and it’s something that will firmly be part of our lives forever.

So that’s why the “travel” part of “lifestyle and travel blog” seemed to make perfect sense.

Why should you hang around?

I plan to get back to writing regular content about the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen and experienced, that might just inspire you to go and experience them yourselves. Whether it’s for a bit of pure escapism and friendly nosiness, inspiration or insight, I hope that my lifestyle and travel blog will serve you well.

So here’s to another 527 posts (eek!) and thanks to anyone who is coming along for the ride with me.

Where to find me in the day!

I mainly hang-out on instagram and I have two, yes two! accounts. My main hollygoeslightly account is now focussed on my business flourish and the digital marketing mentoring side of what I do. But for those of you purely interested in the lifestyle and travel content, I’ve started this dedicated instagram page for hollygoeslightlyblog (lots of outfits of the days by the way!).

Come and join me on one or both of those accounts and be sure to slide into my DMs to say hi (but not in a weird creepy way!).

And that’s it for now… stay-tuned! But in the meantime…

I’d love to know… what kind of blog content do you enjoy reading the most?